Monday, 27 May 2024

Top 5 best Apps for Rooted Android Device

The real power of android comes when it is rooted . There are hundreds of  apps for rooted android device . Here we collected  best apps for rooted android device that everyone should have in their android phone .

Top 5 best apps for rooted android device

Rehosoft ram expander :-best apps for rooted android phone

Here we go the first app that every rooted device should have is Rehosoft ram expander.

  • This application increases the size of your RAM.
  • It however does not actually increase the ram but creates a virtual memory as in windows pc

    Jr Rummy Apps :-best apps for rooted android device

    • These are  bunch of apps that help every rooted device created by an android developer.
    • He has created and put them in playstore( rom manager, rom installer etc…)
    • His tools helps us to find custom ROMs for our device, helps us to install custom recoveries, install fonts

Lucky patcher :-best apps for rooted android phone

  • This is the best app that provides custom patches of most popular games that ever released till now
  • All you need to do is download the game install lucky patcher and open it
  • If you see a custom patch of that just patch it and play it with unlimited hack

 Oneclickapk :-

(Direct cynogenmod installer from your pc)best apps for rooted android phone

  • This was developed by cynogenmod
  • This app checks whether your current device has a official version of custom rom from the cynogenmod server and lets you to download it by just connecting it to your pc
  • Advantage is there is no need of installing any recovery the apps installs on a whole

Xposed installerbest apps for rooted android phone

  • Xposed installer is an application which helps us to add extra features for our device.
  • For example you need to install cynogenmod lock screen to your device. So how? Xopsed installer does it we can install the module and it has many excellent features in it.