Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Top 15 Best Cydia Apps

Cydia is an independent software developer that has been designing some of the smartest applications for iPhone users. One can find a lot of different type of apps and the top 15 among them are as follows.


If you love to hear music, this is definitely one of the best Cydia apps for you. You can find literally almost any song and enjoy to the beats. Not only this, you can save the song to your phone and listen it later on, even when you are not online.

Contact privacy

It is one of the best apps for those who want to make sure that their personal details are not being misused. There are a few free apps that upload your personal information for their own purpose. Using this Cydia app shall prevent them from misusing your private details.


If you love to watch different videos from YouTube, this is definitely one of the best applications that you can use. With this tweak from Cydia, you would be able to view videos in a lot of different formats.

Android Loader

If you love the look and feel of android OS, you can use this tweak from Cydia and get a similar orientation for your iPhone as well.


3G Unregister

There is a maximum limit for download size in iPhone when you are using 3G network. However, by using this tweak from Cydia, you can bypass the upper limit and thus download big files with ease.


It is one of the best apps for those who want to restrict the incoming and outgoing calls. You can screen calls, make white lists and black lists and thus manage your call logs with ease.


If you are skeptical of camera quality, image compression video standard and related features, this tweak from Cydia can come to your rescue. You have the option of capturing high quality images and that too in real time.


By opting for this application, you can lock all your application with password and thus restrict unauthorized use. It also has a facility of resetting the password, if you forget it.

MT Gestures

If you love to multitask and move from one application to another with a slight flick of your fingers, this is one of the best apps that can come to your use. You can reach the home screen, glide to your favorite app and come back again.


If you want to customize the look and feel of your iPhone, make it a point to use this wonderful application from Cydia. It has immense customization options as you can mould the user interface of your iPhone.


This app helps you place the icons wherever you want. You do not have to follow the row and columnar arrangement as you can place the icon on any place on the screen thereby giving a more dynamic view to the phone.

Folder enhancer

If you are looking for advanced functions for the different data folders, this tweak from Cydia is the best you can have. You can add password, create sub folders, and add 320 different icons and so on.

Bite SMS

It is one of the most popular apps as it allows you to add advanced features to your sms facility. You can add signatures; use a wide range of different emoticons and there are various other features too.

User agent faker

With this tweak, you can visit websites and give them the fake impression that you are viewing it from your desktop and thus you can sneak in the desktop view rather than settle for the mobile version.

Ad blocker

Are you tired of the ads that pester you all the time when you are using your iPhone? With this smart app, you can block all the unwanted ads with ease including those from safari.