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Moviezwap: Free Download Latest Bollywood, Hollywood HD Movies

If you come across this article by looking for the best website to download the latest movies from the internet? Then, fortunately, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the leading movie downloading website, “Moviezwap.” Moviezwap is a leading video piracy website that is quite popular among users and over the internet.

It is generally known for uploading the latest HD blueprints of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in a short period. No other website is capable of uploading the latest released movies faster than Moviezwap. In this article, we will briefly guide how you can download movies from this website? What is the possible way to access this website, although it is banned in some countries?

How to access Moviezwap?

We know that due to ban imposes on such websites. It is not possible to access Moviezwap from the banned countries. There are only two solutions to this problem.

First, if you can afford to purchase any VPN subscription or if you can take a risk using any VPN network, then only it is possible to access this website from the banned countries.


Second, if you can find the working proxy links; however, in 2020, there are no proxy links that are working right now. Therefore, you have only one option if you want to access Moviezwap from the banned countries. I am listing some of the best VPN providers below.

Some of the best VPN providers:

  • Tunnelbear
  • Zenmate
  • Hidemyass
  • Opera VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Cyberghost

How to download a movie from Moviezwap?

There is nothing much you have to do for downloading any content from Moviezwap. It is simple and quite easy. You don’t even need any kind of technical knowledge for it.

You only have to connect your network using the VPN network. Open the website, go through the download page. Post skipping the ads. You have to click on the download button.


That’s it. However, the download link is only valid for 24 hours. Therefore, I advise you to complete your download before the given time.

Moviezwap new Links 2020

If you are not able to access the main website even after using any VPN service, then you can open any of the alternative links that I had mentioned below. All the links are for Moviezwap only, and the same data is uploaded in all of them.


Best Alternatives to Moviezwap?

To be precise, is not only the website which uploads the latest released movies in the HD prints. There are some other working websites as well. I am going to list some of the best alternatives to Moviezwap. So, in case if you find any difficulty in downloading movies from Moviezwap, then you can use these alternatives.

#1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a complete torrent website. You will find everything which includes the latest movies, web series collections, latest games, premium Softwares, and almost everything available over the internet.

The Pirate Bay is working from many years but after the recent ban from Google. It has to change its domain name, but the data of the domain is the same, and even you will find all the latest uploads on this website only.

In my opinion, The Pirate Bay is a perfect alternative to Moviezwap.

#2 Movie4me

Movie4me is a second alternative to Moviezwap. It is same in terms of uploading the latest movies in HD blueprints. This website is working for many years and also, has thousands of visits every day. To be precise, Movie4me is the only real alternative to Moviezwap.

#3 YTS

The third alternative to Moviezwap is YTS. However, it is not an actual alternative. It is because YTS is only popular for uploading English TV web series and movies. You will not find any other language content on this website. However, all the movies and web series uploaded in this website is in high definition format. Moreover, there is only one option to download the content, and that is using the Torrent client only.

Therefore, we cannot call YTS as a perfect alternative to Moviezwap.

#4 ExtraTorrents

Another complete torrent website in our list of alternatives to Moviezwap is ExtraTorrents. ExtraTorrent is a complete database of torrents. It means after the Pirate Bay. You are going to find everything on this website. You can not only download the movies but the other contents like games, premium Softwares, and everything that is available over the internet.

We can call ExtraTorrents a complete alternative to Moviezwap.

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Why is Moviezwap banned in some countries?

We already know that Moviezwap is one of the leading video piracy websites, and it is known for uploading pirated content. Therefore, uploading pirated content is illegal in some countries like India. There are some laws made for this cybercrime, and even most of the ISP in India banned the IP addresses of such websites so that no one would be able to access such websites.

To be an instance, the government of India bans such websites and also issued strict laws against the movie piracy website. There could be lifetime imprisonment, and even the cash fine if anyone is found to be uploading pirated movies. Moreover, the people who visit such websites are also restricted. Still, if anybody is found to be using such websites for downloading pirated content, then the rules and the law of the Indian government is the same for them as well.

That is the only reason why Moviezwap is banned in some countries and restricted to access. It is generally to stop movie piracy and respect the artists work. 

Disclaimer: To be an instance, we also do not support download content from movie pirated websites as it is against the law. This article is created for providing general education only.