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RDXHD – How to Download any movie from RDXHD (Free 2021)

Most of the people search for the best movie piracy websites over the internet. It is generally for searching and finding out the latest released HD movies to download for free of cost. It is something that 90% of the world’s population loves to do. However, they know that downloading movies from such websites is a digital crime and against some country’s law, but they still download it using some tricks and well-known services.

If you come across this article looking for one such website? Then, fortunately, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to publish a brief guide for “RDXHD.” It will contain all the information that you need to know about this website. For example, how can you access this website? What could be the possible way of downloading movies from this website?

What is RdxHD?

RdxHD is a movie piracy website that is formerly popular for uploading the latest released Bollywood and Hollywood movies in a less period. You will find all the latest stuff on this website first than any other movie website. However, we know that RdxHD is banned by Google and the government of some countries.

RDXHD Free movie download

It is generally for uploading copyright and pirated content. Still, It comes back with a fresh new domain. We know that it is not possible to use this website directly in 2020 but, if you use the methods that we are going to share in this article, then you will be able to access and download movies from this website in 2020.

Note: Downloading movies from torrent and these websites are illegal and against the country’s laws.

RdxHD new links 2020

We have already mentioned this earlier in our article, due to the government and ban from google. RdxHD always has to come back with a new domain name. Therefore, I am going to list out some domains that are actually working in 2020.


You can visit any of the domains that I have mentioned above for downloading the latest movies from RdxHD. Every domain will be having the same content and uploads from the main website.

How to access RDXHD?

We can understand. In fact, it is evident that RdxHD must be banned in your location. It is because most of the internet service providers block these kinds of domains. Still, if you want to download any movie from this website, then you need to follow the steps that I am going to mention below to access this website.

  • First, you need a VPN service or application. (VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It does not matter you have a free version or premium, but the VPN that you would be using must be in working condition.)
  • If you ask me, then I would prefer installing Tunnelbear or Zenmate free VPN version. (It is for both smartphone and Desktop users)
  • Once you are done with installing any VPN service. I would request you to connect with any international location network. (I would prefer connecting to the United States for faster connectivity. As sometimes, our internet network get slow due to the protocol of international IP in between.)
  • Once your connection gets established. You can now open your preferred browser on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Type “” in the address bar and press the enter button.
  • That’s it. Soon, within a few seconds, you will get redirected to the homepage of RdxHD.

How to download any movie from RdxHD?

This process is quite simple. Once you get access to this website, then the only thing you have to do is follow the steps that I had mentioned below for downloading content from such websites.

  • Once you are on the homepage of RdxHD.
  • You have to choose the movie that you want to download. You can also use the search option for finding out the best film.

RDXHD Free movie download

  • Once you are done with the selection.
  • Click on the movie poster or link shown on the screen. (Tip: Install adblocker if you don’t want to get irritated)
  • On the next screen, drop down to the lower screen and click on the download link. (You need to skip some ads to get the actual download link)
  • Post skipping the ads. You will get the actual download link.

RDXHD Free movie download

  • Click on the download link. (There will be two options to download your movie. The first is using the torrent client and the second option is using any download manager)
  • Choose the preferred option and download your content.
  • That’s it.

What are some of the best alternatives to RdxHD?

To be precise, RdxHD is not only a website that is popular for uploading the latest movies and torrents over the internet. There are many other websites, and I am going to list the three best alternatives to RdxHD. So if there is any case that RdxHD is not working, then you can use those websites for downloading free movies.

#1 Putlocker

The first alternative to RdxHD is Putlocker. It is one of the famous websites for uploading the latest movie, torrents. Some countries and Google also ban this website for uploading illegal and pirated content. Still, it comes back with a new domain name for its users.

In my opinion, Putlocker is one of the best alternatives to RdxHD in terms of uploading and providing the latest movies.

#2 YTS

The second alternative to RdxHD on our list is YTS. YTS is such a fantastic website. I mean, on this website, you are only going to find out the latest movies in high definition prints. However, there is only one downside to this website, and the downside is, YTS only uploads English and Hollywood movies.

If Hollywood movies are your priority, then it can be an excellent alternative to RdxHD.

#3 Movierulz

Movierulz is one of the top websites for uploading movies and other pirated content. It means you are going to find out the latest movies first on this website. It is way more popular than RdxHD. Truly, Movierulz is only the perfect alternative to RdxHD.


Here we come at the end. We know that there are many websites over the internet which do upload the latest movies and other content. However, downloading movies from such websites is illegal and against the country’s laws, rules, and regulations. I will only recommend my readers to spend for any premium subscription rather than using such a service to support piracy.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purposes. We do not support movie piracy, and we do not recommend our users to download any content from such websites.