Tuesday, 8 Feb 2022

Why G Suite Makes Perfect Sense For Your Business

G Suite is a cloud-based package from Google that offers a wide range of apps to make it easier to carry out your business processes. Google offers it as an alternative to Microsoft Office 365 and it is used by many businesses worldwide. This guide explains what this bundle of google apps for business is and how it can make perfect sense for your company.

What is G Suite?

G Suite comprises of all the different google apps for business that have been bundled under the name.

G Suite

There are around a dozen apps in this bundle that has been categorized into different sections based on their functions. These different categories include:

  • Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Management

The suite is available in two different paid options including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business.


Some of the benefits of choosing G Suite for your business are:

Better Collaboration

The google apps for business provide you the perfect platform for your team to collaborate simultaneously on documents. All the edits can be seen in real time while the changes are automatically saved in the cloud. It is up to you to determine which team members are allowed to edit. G Suite also provides built-in chatting feature so that all the team-members can easily communicate while collaborating.

G Suite

Smart collaboration means not only faster project completion but also high levels of accuracy. There will no longer be any need to send and receive tons of emails to ensure that everyone on the project stays up-to-date with the latest version.

Comprehensive Word Processing Solution

Modern business operations rely heavily on word processing. When you use G Suite, you are able to access different kinds of word processors to address different functions.


G SuiteWhether it’s spreadsheets, docs or presentations, google apps for business offer everything you will need.

Google Document:

Google Document allows you and your teams to create and collaborate on documents.  All updates are automatically saved in real time. Any team member can access the doc from anywhere to collaborate and achieve better results.

Google Sheets:

Create and access multiple sheets from different devices. Google Sheets can make it easier to manage your company’s financials with its MS Excel-like formula processing capabilities.

Google Slides:

When it comes to creating elegant and impressive presentations, G Suite offers Google Slides as an efficient tool. Create, edit and collaborate on presentations on multiple devices and prepare for meetings with ease.

Cloud Storage

G Suite offers 30GB of storage with which can be upgraded by choosing the paid account. The paid google apps for business account offers unlimited cloud storage. Carry all your important documents, emails and photos on the cloud wherever you go. Access the files from anywhere and collaborate on them – all without worrying about losing your data. Users can access enough space to store the documents and if need, they can upgrade their account.

G Suite

G Suite provides secure cloud storage with access to multiple users. Create folders and save all your work in the drive. If you are traveling and need to check or edit a document, you can do so from a mobile device by signing in. decide who has access and configure permissions instantly. Permissions can be granted for either one document or for the entire folder. The platform can even alert you when someone tries to access files without permission.

Enhanced Data Security

When you use google apps for business, you can safely store all your valuable data on Google Drive. This is different from storing data on the conventional office server. Your files will be stored on the cloud (Google data centers located around the world). If a server fails due to any reason, there is no need to worry about your data being lost. This ensures a guarantee of data safety.

G Suite

Your data is stored on the cloud and there will be no need to download and save documents on local devices.

As an admin you can set up two-step verification to enhance access security. You can also manage devices that have sensitive company data accessible through them.


As your business grows, the need for resources will also grow. When you use google apps for business, you are also able to access scalability as a benefit.

G Suite

Add and remove users as and when needed. If your need for resources like storage space increases, you can upgrade your account with ease.

More Cost Savings

G Suite offers a wide range of apps like Gmail, Drive and Docs and which almost everyone is familiar with and are available for free. G Suite Business offers google apps for business with additional features. Any company that is on a budget will find the suite offering unmatched value for money. Besides, the level of reliability and elimination of expensive interruptions compared to using an office server can further help reduce operational costs.

G Suite

Thus, G Suite provides you with all the tools required to address the different aspects of your business processes. It provides convenience and data security in a better way and in a familiar environment.

G-Suite Uptime:

G-Suite comes with 99.9% uptime for both business and basic plan. So it never lets you down any time.

24×7 Support:

The expert team always ready to help you. They provide 24×7 support through phone and email. So a user who faces any problem to use this service can get immediate help to solve the issue.