Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Designing A Logo? These 3 Blogs Can Help You Out

Designing your logo is as important as selecting a name for your brand. A logo helps you say more than what your brand name can convey. It represents who you are. It’s the image that identifies you and your brand.

This makes it all the more important for you to take time, be patient, and create something that suits you. It doesn’t matter whether the design is aesthetic or clever, but it does have to paint your brand in the proper light.

Take inspiration from the logos you see everyday. Find out what makes them stand out.

Blogs are a great way of finding out what’s going on around the world. It can give you tips and tricks about what you should be doing. You can find several websites that can help you if you’re looking for logo creation online. They can help you find the inspiration you’re looking for to make a memorable logo.

Here are a few blogs that can give you a clear idea on how you can proceed with your logo.

Logo Design Love

This is the name of a website and a book dedicated to logos and brand identity. It is the guide you need when you’ve decided to create the log yourself. With a quirky logo of its own, this website serves an example of how a good logo should be.

The author of the book and the creator of the website David Airey is a graphic designer himself.

It was started in 2008 to open a discussion on logos. In fact, you can communicate with the author if you want your logo to appear and be discussed on the blog.

This blog is perfect for beginners. It takes you through all the information need to make your own logo.

Just Creative

Just creative is not just a blog, but also a portfolio of Jacob Cass.

He’s a graphic designer who specializes in logo design, branding, and web designing. He has interesting articles, experience, and insight in this field.

Jacob Cass makes a very convincing case for those looking to hire him.

He has more than 100 clients to his list. Some of the most prominent are Disney, Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike. He is well accomplished in his field. He writes excellent blog posts on logo design like what makes a good logo. His articles are simple and direct. If you’re convinced, you can hire him yourself to do logo creation online for your brand.

The Logo Factor

This blog belongs to ‘The Logo Factory’, which has been around from 1996. You’ll discover several articles on some of the most popular logos. In fact, you’ll have case studies on them to give you a complete picture.

The Logo Factory is a logo making company that helps companies get the perfect logo. They’ve been in the business of logo design for over 20 years.

This is a good blog for you to understand different logos before you get started on your own. Moreover, you can even get them to design your logo.

A good logo is one that has excellent design or something that’s creative and interesting. Before designing your logo, here’s a few things to keep in mind.


How is your logo related to your company and the work it does? When a person unaware of your brand looks at your logo, it should give them some idea on what you do.


A logo that is clear and simple is more likely to succeed than something obscure. Use the logo to communicate what you want to say using the simplest design you can find.


Create a logo that communicates a message creatively. It should be clear and plain for the viewer to identify. It can be a hidden message as well, since that keeps people guessing and the logo interesting.


The logo you are designing needs to be different. It’s obvious that it can’t be similar to any existing logo. At the same time, ensure that it doesn’t get people confused with something that already exists.

You can take inspiration from websites like Shopify. Their logo conveys their involvement with online shopping. They help retailers create e-commerce websites and apps. A part of the package is the logo design.

There are several designers out there who can come up with creative ideas for logos. There are several websites that have the option to do logo creation online. However, you need to give them a brief picture of your company and what it stands for. They can be pricey, but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it.