Monday, 27 May 2024

Top 5 best free games on Android

There’s one thing that kept the Android Market, as it use to be known – going during its early, darker times. A bountiful provision of free games. There are many free games available for Android phones but I have picked up 5 games which are so addictive that you can’t stop playing. Download the ones below onto your device and be proud.

So without wasting time, lets share the games:

1. Bad Piggies

We tend to forget, but Rovio is not just copy the concept of Angry Birds all the sauces. Bad Piggies resume a beautiful world of angry birds; game mechanics are very different here. This is to help the pigs’ morons out of the island where they are trapped. To do this, we will have to build flying machines or rolling with a few pieces of data at the beginning level and try to move the machine to reach the final egg. It’s pretty, smart, and as usual with Rovio always very funny and it is therefore an essential repository of your phone.

2. Rise of Blobs

Rise of Blobs is certainly not playing the most beautiful or the most artistically successful that you install on your phone. It embodies a marshmallow faced with a rise of gelatinous cubes color. To remove these cubes, you must send the fruits of the right color to make them disappear. It is a mix of Tetris and match-3 plus a 3D component, since the cubes climb a tower that must be rotated. The game is not easy, but the learning curve is quick and the game allows you to unlock bonuses and assistance as and when it progresses in the score.

3. Basement puzzles

The cellar includes all the puzzles; puzzle more or less known in a collection of more than 600 questions and riddles. They are classified by themes and challenges and will entertain you all while making you digs your meninges. The game also has a calculator function or notepad to help players solve the most difficult questions and also offers its own puzzles to share with other owners of the game but there is no possibility get a clue about the enigmas and solutions are available only if you have already found once before. If you do not have the patience and soon you find yourself stuck, there is always a way to search the Internet for help.

4. Super Knight

Adaptation mobile too unknown Rotastic, Super Knight is a gem not to be missed. Here you control a knight with a grapple dropped in levels filled with anchors. What’s the goal? Make the highest score by collecting diamonds appearing around anchors. And this is where all the fun of Super Knight. In turn, our knight will gain speed, speed that we will strive to maintain other anchors to catch and collect the diamonds faster. Obviously many enemies are present in levels and first parts are fairly short. Passage through the store will then buy extra lives, magnets to attract or grapples gems to rotate faster in exchange for its previous harvest parties. The game is funded by the pub and it is also possible to buy real money bonuses.

5. Grooh

Grooh is a big bear. Grooh is a cute bear. Grooh but is mostly a bear a little silly. So we must help them through various rooms of a huge castle, each of them includes slabs of red, blue, green and yellow. The goal is to destroy them while taking care not to fall in Grooh many holes that include the dungeon. A series of puzzles not always simple, but the game is so cute with graphics and catchy music so we always come back. Too bad the free version requires a permanent bar pub on the top of the screen which hampers visibility and spoil the aesthetics of the game.