Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

7 Best Free Project Management Tools

Plans are nothing; Planning is everything.

– By Dwight D Eisenhower

I guess that quote puts forth the vitality of the Best Free Project Management Tools which commences with effective planning. Each and every business, be it small scale of large scale, is now organized by committed project management software and no one hesitate to hire a software developer or a company for such software because project management has got a great importance. Project management refers to the act of defining, planning, supervising, manipulating and supplying the benefits and profits which were ensured. But completing this cycle of project management is much more complicated than it seems. It involves management of the various resources involved in the project. Hence it has become inevitable to take assistance of reliable project management services/software.

This post covers some such free and credible Best Free Project Management Tools software’s that can be used for small startups and business ventures to get the project processing organized.

Best Free Project Management Tools

Best Free Project management tools

  1. dotProject
  2. TaskJuggler
  3. GanntProject
  4. OpenProj
  5. FreeMind
  6. Ace Project
  7. Evernote


dotProject is an open source, multi-user and multi-linguistic Best Free Project Management Tools. As the term open source implies, dotProject is not a company, but is developed, managed and maintained by a volunteering group. The developers of dotProject recommend using Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD as the operating systems even though operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc… are also supported. The main features include projects, tasks, companies, departments and contacts. To do lists, forums and resource allocation are the other notable features of dotProject.

Task Juggler

TaskJuggler is a fresh and influential open source Best Free Project Management Tools which gives a new line of attack and tracking is more flexible. TaskJuggler will support you in project scoping, resource assignment, cost and income planning, risk and communication management. The main features and highlights of TaskJuggler consists of basic project management properties, advanced scheduling, accounting, reporting, scaling and enterprise features, web publishing and groupware functions.


A cross-platform desktop tool, that assists in free project management tools and scheduling. Its developers ensure that it can be used well with operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. GanntProject will let you create Gannt charts, PERT charts, allocate resources and set up collaboration.


OpenProj is an open-source project management software which is similar to Microsoft Project and is shared under the CPAL license. The user interface of OpenProj is habitual and will even support opening of Microsoft Project files. It will help in creation of charts such as Gannt and PERT.


FreeMind is a leading and free mind mapping application that is developed using Java. Reviews say that after the recent developments in FreeMind, it has turned into a high productivity tool. Due to the one-click “fold/unfold” and “follow link” operations in FreeMind its operation and navigation is much faster than that of MindManager, its competitor. Though free mind is not a hard core project management tool, it helps to a great extent in the planning phase as it is believed to be handy in generating and organizing ideas.

Ace Project

Ace Project is one among the best options for small businesses to have an organized project management. The main features of Ace project which comes under the section of Project management includes project tracking, project portfolio, task management, task dependencies, Gannt Charts and Calendar. The other features are document management, time tracking, expense tracking, collaboration, reporting and HR management. In short it pretty much covers all the facets of a project management.


Evernote is one of the contemporary and unique free project management tool that allows you to access your projects from your phones, tablets and computers, wherever you are. Furthermore, you can collaborate on shared notebooks between on-site and in-office employees. Also, we can reuse older project data as reference for other projects. EverNote is not a project management tool exactly, but can help small business owners to keep track of their work and progress and hence is listed here.

These seven are Best Free Project Management Tools that I have come across. Try getting your hands on one of these if you would like to have a free project management tool to organize your business for maximum benefit and minimum hassle.