Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Larry page confirmed that Google uses android glass

Much has been spoken lately about Google Glass, Larry Page has cleared one of the most important questions that the arrival of Glass brought with respect to the operating system that drives these lenses.

“Glass runs on Android,” Page said when questioned unconfirmed which version it moves.

Before clarify this point, it was speculated if Glass would use Google’s mobile operating system the company or instead be built special software based on Android. With today’s statement can also know that developers will not have such a complicated task, because the device has common code that would make the integration between Glass and Android smartphones with something easier.

This is good news for a broad base of developers who have a simple step to start developing applications for this new device, but also sows a cloud of doubt regarding a new fragmentation that Google might be driving to create a new format where run Android, providing the basis of a reduced version of its operating system.

With hundreds of units way developers who bought the team in Google I / O 2012 will soon receive their own Glass, it’s easy to think that soon we can have your vision regarding the true flexibility of this platform to create innovative software. Pushing your limits is key to understanding their potential in previous Google I / O 2013, where we should have more news regarding their distribution in commercial and real capacities.