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Improve your Verbal Ability for MAT Using these 10 Apps

For some of the most significant exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT and other entrance tests, students face crucial issues in the Verbal Ability section where they struggle to find meaning of words or create proper sentences from jumbled up words. However, technology has stepped in to make your path easier. With the help of English Vocabulary applications, it’s become easier to learn the meaning of difficult words and understand the proper way to use them in a sentence.

Management Aptitude Test for admission MBA and allied programs is conducted four times in a year, in February, May, September and December. MAT 2018 is scheduled to be held on February 4th in paper based mode for students aspiring to secure admission in top B-Schools. The computer-based test will be conducted on February 17th which shall be facilitated in a single day if the number of candidates for this test, is limited. The syllabus follows the same pattern as every year with language comprehension consisting of grammar based questions, jumbled sentences and reading comprehension. One must have proficiency in the English lexicon in order to achieve a good score and be eligible for admission in a reputed B-School.

Improve your Verbal Ability for MAT

The English section of this exam that demands proficiency in the language and consistency in the answers is fairly easy to prepare for, if one is ready to dedicate the effort it requires. Candidates for long have been looking to improve their score in this section as a majority of candidates face trouble when it comes to communicating through the medium of this language. This time, candidates must work hard and they certainly should be accurate in the answers that they are marking.

With the goal of improving their hold on the language, candidates can make use of technology that has eased our way of communicating with each other. Advancements in technology have allowed us to translate any language to any other language and help to have a good grasp over it through constant reading. There are several apps available that teach vocabulary, framing sentences and some apps even facilitate learning from the basic level. Here are 10 apps that’ll help you to improve your English Vocabulary for the upcoming MAT in February 2018.

  1. PowerVocab Word Game

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATDeveloped by Trymph Inc., it is one of the most powerful vocabulary enhancing apps for your preparation. It provides you an adaptive learning where you can play games and build your vocabulary using flashcards. There are challenge quiz, search words and a handy dictionary that makes it the choice for a better vocab.

For students looking to score high in MAT, PowerVocab is a must have application in their digital devices.

  1. cram Flashcards

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATWidely considered as the bible of online dictionaries, flashcards is one app that’ll let you enjoy the word memorizing process.

In this world of forgetfulness, will help you remember words for days and will prompt you on a regular basis with flashcards of twelve words or a word with a sentence.

An advanced feature is that you can listen to the pronunciation of words while you read them.

  1. Voxy

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATWhen you have to face MAT just after a few days and not enough time is left to become the master of everything English, Voxy is your guide to be better at the language. It’s the world’s first personalized English language app that works on a real time basis.

There are lessons from fluent speakers, and provides you the best tools to enhance your vocabulary. It can easily help you achieve a good score in the verbal ability section of MAT.

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATEveryone is acquainted with the word of the day, which was the brain of the developer of this app. This is a comprehensive dictionary, which is available both online and offline and can be easily used to look up any word that you think has a difficult to find meaning.

You can also listen to the pronunciation of the word and understand how you can speak it in a sentence. Download this app on your device to help yourself learn the better way.

  1. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATMagoosh holds its forte in GRE, GMAT vocabulary improvement and for no one knows how long people have trusted Magoosh to compound their list of words. It is a prep app that will help you to build your vocabulary through flashcards and reading comprehension.

Many students trust Magoosh to increase their vocabulary from basics to intermediate and they have experienced good results. Use this app to improve your MAT score this season.

  1. Words, Words, Words

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATThe best feature, just tap learn and a new word appears on the screen with its definitions. It’s as easy as eating food and your vocabulary will be drastically improved. You can also play the quiz to test your current situation over the language. Even when you select the wrong answer, the app displays the correct one and helps you to comprehend better. It is a must have app for MAT as the verbal ability section is filled with words that have similar knowing but different definitions.

  1. Miss Spell’s Class

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATVocabulary can only be improved if you know how to spell the words correctly. Miss Spell’s Class is one such app that will enhance your spelling skills to a great extent. The user is given some correctly spelled and some incorrectly spelled words from which they have to choose the correct ones. It is a good app to help you spell and understand words of higher complexity.

Download this app for better performance in MAT 2018.

  1. uVocab

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATThis is one of the most powerful tools to develop a foundation of good vocabulary and prepare you for every known competitive exam.

It has a unique user interface to discover new words, evaluate your vocabulary knowledge and understand what you have to learn.

You can also test you skills before you take MAT by taking the test on uVocab to know how far you have reached in the process.

  1. Busuu

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATBusuu consists of a great community of English learners and speakers where you can practice new words and improve your vocabulary via visual and audio methods.

Your queries regarding pronunciation, correct usage will be immediately solved by experienced English communicators.

MAT 2018 will be eased enough in its English segment through regularly using this app.

  1. SAT Vocabulary

Improve your Verbal Ability for MATThis is a great app to learn new words and improve your vocabulary. There are precise methods through which one can understand difficult words and understand how they can be used in a sentence. One good thing is that there are no ads in this app and you can focus on your learning without any disturbances.

For MAT 2018, candidates need to be prepared with everything they have got. These B-Schools demand a higher concentration of English language and these apps can really help you to achieve that level. Choose the app of your choice and embark on your journey to become a master of management.