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Top 5 apps in 2021

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Best android apps of 2021

Instagram- it’s an American sharing social networking app which was invent by Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger. Features as filter, voice calls and video calls, creating videos etc which makes it amazing. Thesimplicity it provides make this app attractive. And simpleto download too. It’s better performance than other social media apps. Day by day its user base is increasing because of its good service.

Best android apps of 2021

It’s mostly utilized by India and united states.Basically teenagers are more attracted to this app because you can talk to anyone without having phone number. Some new features such as activity status, story reaction, chat theme, IGTV, polls, fonts and many more.

Gbwhatsapp– it’sa whatsapp MOD that’s accustomed chat together with your contacts and friends also. There’s an opportunity to use two whatsapp account directly. Quite 4000 visual themes created by the community.

Best android apps of 2021

basically, it’s safe to use cause there’s no news regarding malware programmers against this app. you may get lots of features here like pin down 100 chats, only people you select can call you, disable to message recalling. You’ll download it from any website. once you complete downloading you’ll be able to open and register enjoy!

Snapchat- the foremostpopular app of teenagers. it lets people exchange photos and videos which we call as snaps that are just disappeared after viewing. it’s also a replacement camera which makes people beautiful happy by p. it had been released on 8 July 2011.

Best android apps of 2021

it is bad for children’s under the age of 18 to be use cause snaps are frequently deleted after viewing that the parents won’t be able to see what their child is doing with the appliance. this app makes most of their money by snap-ads.

Telegram- it had beendeveloped by brothers Nikolai and pavel durov. the foremost downloaded app worldwide for January 2021 with quite 63 millions downloads. it provides plenty of services like end-to-end encrypted, video calling, files sharing and lots of it had been launched on 14 August 2013 for iOS and in October 2013 for Android.

Best android apps of 2021

you’ll use it to send messages to people once you are connected to wifi or mobile data. it’s two unique features like secret chats and lock chats. it’s the simplest privacy feature than the other apps.

Dropbox- it’s said to be an invisible apps. it’s operated by the American company Dropbox Inc. Basically, it’s a cloud storage service and saves files and make it available within the it’s a free plan of 2GB storage. Using Dropbox will make easy to induce files from multiple devices.

it keeps all of your files safe with powerful cloud storage. it’s productive in workplace and content collaboration. it’s preferred for storage app within the market cause it continues to boost features. Because of its storage feature it also let to avoid wasting space.


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