Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

Should Your Company Develop a Mobile App?

If you are a small business owner and your business doesn’t have a mobile app , you definitely need one. Having a website alone will not be sufficient enough to stay competitive in the market. Major online activity gradually shifting to mobile devices. Mobile Technology has skyrocketed in last few years.

Today entrepreneurs and business owner are increasingly becoming aware that well designed institutive app can bring in a lot of new business. Mobile apps also help businesses increase their exposure to a larger audience and get new clients.

In a latest research by Forrester about the mobile app & marketing trends, that have found out that mobile apps are rapidly becoming popular among the small businesses.

Here are few reasons why you should consider a mobile app for your business.


Value Addition

You already offer product/services on your website. The mobile app can be a great value addition for your customers. Value Added services can differentiate your company from your competitor.  With mobile apps, you can offer services like support ticket generation, on the go services request, discount coupons, new product update and many more things.

Quick Contact

If your customer needs to contact you , they can quickly able to find you with the mobile app. The mobile app can provide your contact details like phone number, email , address etc. They can click on the phone number directly from the app to make a call. Fast contact makes it easier for the customer to directly contact you and close sales.

Easy Access to All Type of Business

Over the past few years, the cost of hiring eCommerce app developers has reduced drastically. You need to carefully choose the right development agency to help you develop an app. You also need to write down the requirement and expectations from the app to discuss them with various vendors.

Improve Customer Experience

The mobile app can give your business constant presence on your customer’s mobile phone. An app offers easily accessible information right at their fingertips, constant presence can improve customer experience significantly. Mobile apps are best suited to retain existing user and keep them engage with the app.

Social Media Integration

Social media can be integrated into Mobile apps swiftly. Social media is a great way to be in constant touch with your customers.  This puts your business into a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the app users. Your visitors will be able to share interesting products on social media which will increase brand visibility. You can also offer login with social media buttons like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile payments are getting bigger with rising in Mobile Tech.  About 70% of world population now owns a smartphone.  More than 30% of the e-commerce happening on a mobile device today. Integration of eCommerce to your mobile app can increase sales and customer experience. Mobile payment can have a seamless experience for your customers. It allows the customer to pay for product or services with ease. Seamless mobile payment experience can increase your top line.

Make an App that makes the difference

You need to make an app that can make a difference to the daily life of your customer. For a business app to succeed it need right planning with great execution. Promote an app that can drive the customers towards your app. Craft a mobile app marketing strategy before the launch of the app. Once your app gets through the reply in the I need to see that how to craft the right kind of the,

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