Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free?

While using a sharing network we usually find us stuck in the problem where we need to access the particular websites which are blocked by the admin of the network. We try a lot to open it but the server doesn’t allow accessing such portals, in this case we look out for some help but don’t know how to unblock these sites?? Getting blocked data or messages while accessing internet on the public computer is a very usual thing. Network administrator also blocks some sites from accessing for the safety reasons such as social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. but still we find the reason to get access them, so here we bring you a tutorial on How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free??

Every one of us have heard about proxy but a few of them only knows how it actually works, so here you will read out the method with a simple example.

How Proxy Servers Helps to Unlock Websites for Free?

Website cannot be accessed until and unless administrator of network allows you to access, or if a website is restricted by the network administrator then it cannot be accessed. Proxy server allows you to unlock such websites and access them. These servers usually fetch the data of website in its own server first and then transfer the content into your browser by after encryption. So, in this way you get the permission to access the website easily. The proxy server somehow works as the intermediate server between client and main server. So, it’s a very simple concept to understand.

But if you are thinking that this is a safe method, then you are keeping yourself in a dark light. The most important thing you need to know that accessing blocked website by using proxy servers may lead your computer in danger as it may prone to infections and viruses very easily. So, it is recommended that you use an updated and licensed antivirus software in order to keep your computer safe from any infectious attacks.

How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free?

Now here we come on the point, I know this is the tutorial you are looking for. There are two ways of unblocking websites using proxy server, so check both them out:

Method 1

Open a Google page and search out for the proxy sites; you will get a long list of available sites as the result. Click on the link you find suitable and worthy (try to select top page results) and paste the URL of desired website you want to get access. Sometimes, smart administrator also blocks the proxy websites, so in such case you need to check out some other proxy websites. Try these websites:

  • RX Proxy
  • kkProxy
  • MegaProxy
  • UnblockProxy
  • 000FreeProxy
  • NewIPNow

This was the first method but it is very prone to virus attacks, that’s why people usually prefers the second method.


Download Proxy Software in your computer that will allow you to access any blocked site. By using this method you will get the direct access to the websites. The two most recommended software are:

  • UltraSurf
  • SpotFlux

So, it’s the second method which allows you to get access the blocked sites as well as ensures safety of your system.