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Top 10 Free Online QR Code Generators

QR (Quick Response) code is one type of sign in format of image which enables you to store information’s like some strange signs, Website URLs, Geo Locations, Event information’s, contact information’s, numbers of any formats in form of one single image. Nowadays almost many Smartphone vendors enabled QR code support into their systems. In order to decode QR codes you need to install valid QR code reader application on your device. This QR code reader applications will read QR code image using camera and it will apply one QR code decoding algorithm to decode that code into user readable format. That’s about reading QR codes using QR code application reader. But how to generate QR code ? You can create QR code using two major ways. The first one is to use your Smartphone QR code applications and another one is to use online QR Code Generators. However Free Online QR code generators allow you to generate QR codes for free with use of some extra tools which allow you to generate Micro QR codes too.

Handy List of Free online QR code Generators :

Here we have prepared a list of top 10 free online QR code generators websites, which might help you to generate free QR codes online.

1) Azonmedia

Azonmedia best QR code generator among the free online QR code generators, because it is capable to create almost all types of QR codes. This website enables you to create QR code in various formats like as Website URL, Text, Email Address, Phone Number, SMS Message, Email Message, Contact Details (both vCard and meCard), Google Maps GeoLocation, Social Network Profiles including Blackberry messenger PIN QR code creation.

Azonmedia QR code generator allow your logo into QR code. You are able to create global QR codes with supported types such as rounded, square and circular types, Which you can use on coins or coffee mugs. You can download generated QR code in format of JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF, GIF, EPS, ASCII bit matrix.

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2) GoQR

GoQR is yet another free QR code generator tool. primarily it focuses to create QR codes of text data, URL, phone number, SMS and vCard details. GoQR allow you to customize your QR code image size in pixels with maximum 1000 x 1000px. One amazing feature of this website is real-time QR code output, as soon as you write any text you will get output in form of image. Use this format to generate QR code for any URL or text using GoQR Tool.

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Output will be “Hi fellow readers of Techieblast, you are reading an article about top free online QR code generators right now.”

3) Zxing Project

Zxing Project lets you to create quick response QR code for details such as Contact information, Calendar Event, GeoLocation, SMS messages, Email Address, Phone number, URL, text and WiFi Network link.

4) Delivr

Delivr is free QR Code generator tool with tracking options. By registering on Delivr you can unlock features like QR code tracking with activity maps, Personalized Delivr address for free. You can generate QR codes for information’s like URL, Contact details, Google Analytics Campaign, Coremetrics Campaign, SMS to short code, Email, Phone Number, RSS Feed to QR code, Text, Amazon Affiliate Link, Wi-Fi Network name. On Delivr, you can create customized QR code for social networking profiles such as foursquare check-ins, facebook profile, twitter URL, tumblr link and more.

5) BeQRious

BeQRious is most popular as QR code generation tool. Same as all above tools it supports information types such as contact information, phone numbers, GeoLocation with Google maps, Facebook Twitter links. Extraordinary feature of BeQRious is ability to generate QR code of Graphics+Text information’s. This Free QR code generator have premium plans too. Being premium BeQRious member you can track and organize your all QR codes created with BeQRious with Personal profile page having dynamic QR code features.

6) Online Qr Lab

With use of this tool, you can decode and create QR code at Online Qr Lab. It allow you to convert Text, SMS, Email, Contact information, Phone number and Location details into QR code. With use of Free online QR code decoder of Online QR Lab, You can decode details of QR code image. Having custom size selection ability, you can select QR code sizes too.

7) Maestro – SPARQCode

Maestro is free online QR code generator tool invented by SPARQCode. It shortens URL automatically, however there is option to disable it. With Smart Label your QR code looks like more professional and flexible too. It can convert various information types to QR code including Blackberry vCard, BlackBerry PIN, APP Store, Event Calendars too.

8) BeeTagg

It’s amazingly faster to create QR codes Using BeeTagg QR code Generator Tool. You can signup there with free or premium memberships. Free account is best if you are willing to generate static QR codes for testing purpose. In opposite to it, premium membership unlocks dynamic QR code generation, QR code tracking’s and lot more.

9) Mobile Barcodes – QR Code Generator

This QR code Generator tool is powered by Mobile Barcodes and its capable to create QR codes for URL, Text messages, Phone numbers, Email Address etc.

10) KAYWA – QR Code Generator

KAYWA have both free and premium plans for QR code generation. Premium plans are vary depends on tracking type, scans/year, dynamic codes, QR codes amount and more criteria’s. Well, Free users can create QR code instantly using KAYWA generator. It also provides permanent link to your QR code, so you can use it anywhere on the web.


QR code generated with premium or free online QR code generators. it can be decoded using Smartphone QR code reader applications. However the above top 10 QR code generators are working best for me. Have question or found any broken links ? do comment below, we will help you to resolve it as soon as possible.