Monday, 24 Jun 2024

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free review

Accidental deletion of data has almost become a normal process now because whenever we are in a hurry to delete something, by mistake we have deleted something else. It is a common mistake that everyone commits at one point or the other and then we repent our act. Now, there are several software are found online that you can make use of, to recover your lost data, but you cannot be sure about the quality and how effective they will be. EaseUS data recovery software has been there in the market for a long time now and they are reaching out to the maximum number of people through satisfied customer references. Word of mouth is the biggest thing and users who have been using EaseUS are highly satisfied with the way even the free version works. You can download data recovery software of EaseUS online and get started with the process of recovering lost data.


The reason of deletion can be many

The reasons for deletion of data can be innumerous, but the two main reasons are –

  • Accidental deletion
  • Software issue

One thing that you must remember all throughout is that once you have deleted any information by mistake you must stop using that drive completely. If you keep on working on that drive, then you are actually rewriting the drive and the chances of getting back your information reduces remarkably. So, it is important that you act fast. You can accidentally delete the data, remove it from recycle bin and also format the drive, but the data will be recovered as long as you do not overwrite the drive. This is only possible through data recovery software, but before selecting the right one, you must do your research well and go through the user’s review as well to get a clear picture of the performance of the software.

How do I use the software?

Wondering, how to use the hard drive data recovery, then fret not, because EaseUS is considered as one of the most easy to use software. You can actually recover all your lost data in three easy steps that is the launching the program, scanning the device, preview and finally recovering the data. The software allows you to recover lost data from a laptop, PC, digital device, storage media and server, so it doesn’t matter the deletion of data has happened where because you can now retrieve data from any device. Another important thing is that, if you are in a hurry, then you can pause the scan and resume it later. You can also save the scan report, so that in future you can save the scanning time. The preview button enables you to have a look at what is there before you finally retrieve them. There are several unwanted things that you have deleted earlier, so you definitely do not want them back. With the help of preview option you will be able to have a look at what you want and what are the things that you can do without.