Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Free apps Android Download

All of us are very familiar with the popularity and fame that Android as an operating system has gained over the years since its commencement in the year 2008. We also know that this fame and popularity of Android, which is rivalled only by two other companies, namely Apple and Windows, lies primarily in the fact that you can increase its grasp to any extent by virtue of the Android market. The Android market is a storehouse for thousands of free apps android download that you can install on your Android device. While there have been more lists on the top few apps that you can download from the Android market, there also exist several extreme flops that are not only a waste of time and energy for the user, but for the developer as well.

Among the top worst applications free apps android download, there is one named Type N Walk. This is an app that makes use of your phone’s camera and superimposes the text that you are typing on the view, so that you can trip over something or conveniently, or choose a hazard of your preference. This app can also rotate the camera view, making your chances of falling into a hole higher.

Another app named Car Safety should definitely be mentioned in this list. It is a useful app, if only you could promise that you would never drop your phone. This app has an alarm system that detects if you are in a car accident and sounds the alarm. It also has the facility of sending a text message to a preset number with the location of the car. It attempts to use the accelerometer of your phone to detect this. Now, even if you drop your phone, your family will think it’s an emergency.

Another one of the worst free apps android download applications is definitely My Perfect Egg Timer. You would have to enter the egg’s diameter, its temperature and how hard or soft you want it to be after boiling it and the app will determine the time it will require to be perfectly oiled according to your preference. Just set in the timer after dipping it into boiling water. Alternatively, you could just avoid the app and boil the egg.

GTD Timer is another flop free apps android download application. It works on the idea that if you are someone who is easily distracted, you should work for some time and then take a break. The timer is enough not only to distract, but to drive someone crazy as well.

One of the more useless free Android applications for download available in the Android market includes Share Your Board. Using this app, you can capture a photo of the whiteboard of your office and save the notes from there. Alternatively, you can just use your camera for doing the same thing.

Thus, you can see that along with the good apps, there are also applications free apps android download. All you need to remember is to check the ratings and popularity before you accidentally download something like this.