Monday, 27 May 2024

Best Android Apps free Download

Android is one of the three most popular operating systems for mobiles. It was released in the year 2008 and since then it has never failed to satisfy its users. The main success of Android as an operating system lies primarily in the fact that it is a platform that is ever expanding in terms of applications that can be loaded in the system. In other words, Android provides the user with an infinite scope of downloadable applications that may be gaming apps, utility apps and much more. When you are searching for the best Android apps free download, the first place you will be looking into is the Android market.

The Android market is a veritable storehouse of thousands of applications. It contains both free and paid applications for mobile phones and tablets. However, you need not worry about running out of best Android apps free download from the Android market. This is because the rate at which app developers have started developing apps for Android devices you will always have better options. In fact, with the ever increasing demand for newer and more advanced apps, developing Android apps is now a full time business.

Best Android apps free download

Among the best Android apps free download, the first rank should be given to Adobe Reader. This is possibly the most downloaded Android app ever, and what has contributed to a large extent to its popularity is the fact that it can run on almost every Android device, including both tablets and smartphones. It is a great eBook reader.

The next in the list of the best Android apps free download from the Android market is Skype, the free social networking app. This is a very popular app, owning primarily to the fact that it supports VoIP calls from your smartphone or tablet at a very reasonable rate. The quality of the call is also quite decent. This does not even require any additional charges from the mobile service provider.

The next best free Android app is Google Maps which is just as awesome as any other product developed by Google till date. When you are using this app, you will never have to worry about getting lost on your way. It is also very conveniently equipped with voice guided GPS, absolutely free of cost. It is generally a must have, but for frequent travellers, it is definitely top priority.

The nest position in this list is obviously reserved for the two most popular social networking platforms in the world: Facebook and Twitter. These two social networking sites have developed their own Android apps, which have made the experience of social networking much more convenient and faster. The Android apps for Facebook and Twitter have been optimised so that they have a very user friendly interface on your smartphones and tablets. You will not even realise that you are using a mobile device and not a desktop or a laptop.

In the list of other best Android apps free download from the Android market are the YouTube app, the IMDB app, Angry Birds, and much more.