Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Best Apps to Download for Android

If you are an owner of an Android device, you will invariably be on the search for the best apps to download for android devices since the very first day. In fact, that is where the secret of the success of Android lies in. Android would have been no different from any other mobile operating system had it not been for the unlimited access of apps that can be downloaded from the Android market. Since its release in 2008, Android has faced competition from only two other platforms, namely, Apple operating system and windows operating system, both for smartphones and tablets.

There are many apps that will make a mark if a list of the best apps to download for android is made. Instead, the following is a list of not only the best but few of the more essential Android apps. This list will not include the games that you find yourself addicted to, and think that they are essential. Nor will this be a list of the more common applications like Google apps that are more than essential if you have an Android device. Most of these are free but if you want them around for some more time, just add in some cash.

best apps to download for android

The first in the list of the best apps to download for android is definitely Any.DO, one of the most efficient free of cost task managers that you can ever get in the Android market. You are allowed to anything that crosses your mind and what’s more, you and later drag and drop them into folders and dates according to your need.

The second name in this list will be that of Dolphin HD browser. It will let you set up custom gestures, sync bookmarks, and additionally, supports a bunch of plugins. It is free of cost.

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The third app in this list is Pocket. Pocket is the ultimate app that you can go to for making your own customised reading list. It is free of cost.

The fourth app in this list is SnapPea. It is absolutely free of cost and is the iTunes app for your Android device. It lets you manage your music, videos, photos, files, contacts and other items efficiently from your desktop.

The fifth app in the list of the best apps to download for android is Slacker, which is a very entertaining music application for your Android device. You can also play the radio through this app.

The sixth app in this list is Mint. This is a very useful free application that helps you to manage your expenses and savings extremely efficiently throughout the year. Since Mint also makes use of your banking information, you can password protect it as well.

There is also SnapSeed, the best photo editing software for mobile devices ever. It is absolutely free of cost. Apart from this, there is also NewsRob, a news app for Android.

Apart from these, there are of course many more names in the list of best apps to download for android. However, while downloading these, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your device and is downloaded from a trusted source.