Monday, 27 May 2024
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Android Pay launched in Canada

As per Google’s announcement, Android Pay is supposed to be launched on 31st May this year. It is the most awaited mobile payment service which includes particular bank partners, but their names are not revealed yet. Setting up of different payment platforms with the Canadian debit and credit cards has not also been yet disclosed, but it is very much sure that it will make the people happy with its services. Android Pay will surely support all NFC compatible devices and Android 4.4 KitKat version and above.

Android Pay expected to be launched in Canada on May 31st

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The people of Canada are already using three banks payment apps to make payments. They are already using Apple Pay app and Samsung Pay app, but the payments through these apps are limited to the credit cards and debit cards of some banks only. But the arrival of Android Pay app will open up a third party payment option to all the banks. Rumors are that this app will support fingerprint enabled payments option which will help in reducing the chances of third party payments. This app will surely work with all the major credit cards and debit cards in Canada to enhance the results of mobile payments. So you will not need to carry cash along with you every time. Also, the mode of the payment will be contactless.

Android Pay launched in Russia a few days ago, which makes the payments easy. The app is readily available on the Google Play Store from where you can easily download it. Only you have to do is to add your single card to it to get started. Android Pay in Canada is supposed to be coming along with these amazing features. Canadians have been waiting for this fantastic app for a long time which will last soon at the end of this month. The sources confirmed that the Android Pay app would also be soon launched in Brazil, Spain, Taiwan also in the upcoming months which upheld the fact that the company is going to be launch this app on a Global scale.

Android Pay app will surely be available to work with different global franchises like BP, Uber, Burger, King, and much more. You will also be available to use this Android Pay app on a large number of places like grocery shops, cinema halls, restaurants, etc., where Contactless Payments are accepted. According to the sources, the launching date of Android Pay app has been delayed due to the insignificant internal restructuring of this app to support Google’s payment system. It was the same reason behind the late launching of Apple Pay app in Canada which was further launched in November 2015. Apple Pay app initially have a slow start in Canada with supporting only one Bank American Express cards, further which was backed by additional cards and Canadian banks in May last year. But upcoming Android Pay app will surely remove all the hurdles coming in its way and will support the payment options with all of the major banks of Canada.