Saturday, 10 Dec 2022
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10 best website templates free download

As usual we present to you a collection of fantastic 10 best website templates free download, yes these all are free to download, so if you’re looking for options for change or new projects you have them. They are more focused on visual images and projects, so you have to choose from.

Of course, as usual, the list is simple, without priority, importance or anything like it, enjoy:

1. Contango

We start by a very fantastic best website templates free download, specially designed for blogs, harmonious, no frills but with a good design, a font and look very nice.

Demo and download of Contango, directly in the WordPress repository.

2. Superhero


I really liked Superhero because it is the best website templates free download that combines maximum exposure images to very good size with content, but while this is a tad lower on the priority scale.

The main attraction it has is in your slide that you have in the home, as well as featured images at the beginning of each post, making it have a flawless visual effect.

Superhero demo, you have to download it directly from the WordPress repository.

3. Clutterless


Clutterless, the best website templates free download, is the simple fact. A single column, typography wants to hug, gray and black, and totally gives absolute priority to the content.

Come on, if you want to get really personal blog and who know you by your writings, this is the best website templates free download.

Of course, having no sidebars and power without a lot of elements, is like a shot.

Demo and Download of Clutterless.

4. Visual


It is an elegant, the best website templates free download, combining background color, font color and typography is optimal for your visitors do not go running away, and gives priority to the images, yes, try to choose them light so you do not stay too dark … Moreover, the home is more interesting, totally disregarding sidebars until you get to content.

Demo and Download Visual.

5. Ilisa


It is a white, the best website templates free download, very standard but still extremely profitable, much like Twenty Twelve but with some peculiarity, therefore, it does what you’re looking for in themes which make Childs.

Demo and Download of Ilisa.

6. Focus


I could not miss a free and spectacular theme that focuses on the media so appreciated by the users such as video, and could not forget you want to introduce Focus.

Do not kid yourself, if you want a theme for personal pictures or photographs does not work, but if you want a Videoblog going to freak out with it.

Demo and Download Focus.

7. Frank


Frank is another theme specially designed for bloggers to use, you know, elegant, sober, over white, with right sidebar in which the priority is the content and your users will be read correctly.

Demo and Download Frank.

8. Chun


It is a theme that prioritizes the order on one side and on other side images in your home (without sidebar), it is really beautiful and once you click an image-driven post a thread with a very nice typography, and seamless sidebar.

Demo and Download.

9. Sensitive


If you like the style Metro’ll like Sensitive, and it is free and has lots of options.

Luxury comes to the projects that need to have a lot of information from different post on the cover, and inside is fully readable content, come on, a great match.

Demo and Download for Sensitive.

10. Empy Spaces


By the end I leave the one I was pleasantly surprised, feeling like a breath of fresh air at the end of winter spring.

The theme is specially designed for blogs personal, with a short biography of the author at the beginning of the home and all, but far from being suitable for the design egobloggers is what has captivated me.

On the one hand sidebar does not have, which makes it visually appealing, the other has a conception of what they are very innovative images that I love, and last but not least, it’s great to read.

Demo and Download Empy Spaces .