Monday, 24 Jun 2024
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How To Check If Your Design Work Is Copied By Other Designers

Today, many designers may think, dropping images of their designs on the web carries extreme risk. Well, if we talk in general, then the doubt is correct! Currently, the web is teeming with visual content, and there exist anonymous copycats that want to steal others’ work. And the same thing exists in the sphere of designing. So, you must realize that copied or stolen content can get grabbed if content creators don’t learn anti-theft measures.

Yes, you read that right! Image duplication issues are increasing day by day. No matter what you have posted, there is a high chance that its copies will start circulating on the web within a few days. Some designers wish to reduce the hassles of creating their content. So, they steal others and publish them by asking you or giving your credit. If you have a question: How to check if your design work gets copied by other designers? Then read this post to the bottom line because we have got you covered!

Use Image Search Engines to Verify Your Design Work’s Originality!

Today, the designs come in the form of images and get posted as visual content. And no matter what, anyone can steal it even without asking you. So, here you can use the following ways to find the copycats and determine the origins on which your efforts are circulating! But first, we want you to realize that image theft is not only present for using your work as it is.

Check If Your Design Work Is Copied By Other Designers

However, people also use it for wrong purposes. For example, you have uploaded a design for your brand. They will steal it, edit it, and represent it with a fake title. So, in short, this case is becoming worse than usual. If you have doubts or want to keep track of your design work, use the below-listed tricks!

Did you know that what makes the visual content finding process easier? If not, then note that the answer is the reverse image search technique. And do you know what it is? It is the modern technique of search engines that finds similarly matched images using images. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and more offer users to conduct image searches. All they need to do is upload or drop the particular photos that they doubt – got stolen. Once you do so, the CBIR system will analyze and match it from all over the web. Within moments, it will take you to the places where your design work is circulating. Here we mentioning some of the most advanced images search engines that assist you in finding your design if copied.

1.   ReverseImageSearch.Org

Another fantastic way to check – if someone has stolen your content is using Well, the name of this platform suggests that it is a reverse image search or reverse photo lookup utility. And that is correct! It is one of the top-notch and user-friendly platforms that put effort into making its users feel satisfied! The best thing about this website is that it is safe and easy to use. Another good thing is it can obtain outputs and check for your design work by matching it from four different search engines. Users can also search by keywords or upload image files to kickstart the finding process.

2.   SmallSEOTools

This is another best utility to find visual content or stolen design work on the web. This reverse image search utility is easy to use and 100% free of cost. It is an AI-powered image search tool that also works best with all gadgets and obtains accurate results. If you think that someone might be utilizing your work on a fake social media account, you can easily find the image source with this utility.

3.   SearchEngineReports.Net

This image search utility is a highly suggested way to find similar images on the web. It is one of the excellent ways to grab the details of copied visual content and origins on the go. This picture search utility lets you Find Visually Similar Images, Identify People, Places, and Products. All you need to do is give an input query to obtain the desired outputs without any hassles!

4.   TinEye

TinEye is a picture search and image recognition platform. In the above-mentioned ways, TinEye is also a luxury-grade website that offers fantastic features. It is an expert in machine vision, model recognition, and picture lookup utility. This online tool is simple to operate and safe. Also, it takes a few minutes to analyze a query and pay back you with accurate results.


So, what are your preferences for finding your content using the above ways? Don’t rush or ignore because it is the case of tracking your efforts and spotting copycats. If you have not tried these techniques yet, give them a try now!