Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

Top Tech Companies and How They Perform

Technology companies are the driving force in today’s world. They are constantly shaping how we consume information, how we communicate, socialize, work, and shop. These companies have become the major players for our taste, economic growth, and the financial markets. Generally, these companies do research, develop, design, make tech products, and offer technology-based services. People thinking of investing in these companies look at their earnings report to help make a smart investment decision.

Here is a look at some of the top tech companies, what they do, and how well they are performing.

1. Apple, Inc.

This company develops, designs, manufactures, and markets products which include personal computers, tablets, smartphones, wearable devices, and home entertainment devices. Apple also markets digital content from its store and has launched several streaming services.

Apple, with a market capitalization of $1.4 trillion, has annual revenues totaling $268.0 billion, with a net income of $57.2 billion and a total return of 59.8%. The company shows a total return of 59.8%. Its price-earnings ratio is 24.4.

2. Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean company best known for its popular Galaxy smartphones. Its area of business includes consumer electronics, communications, and information technology. Other products in the Samsung range include tablets, TVs, and home theatres, virtual reality products, computers, and printers.

The company has a market capitalization of $325.4 billion, and revenue totals of $197.5 billion with a net income of $18.4 billion. Samsung Electronics shows a total return of 17.2%. Its price-earnings ratio is 15.1.

3. Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd.

This tech company, Hon Hai Precision, is an electronics producer based in Taiwan. Its products include electronics and electronics parts for consumer electronics, communications, automotive equipment, and information technology, among others. Also known as Foxconn, it is a supplier for Apple’s iPhones.

This company has a market capitalization of $36.0 billion. Its revenue is $173.1 billion, with a net income of $3.7 billion. It has a total return of 0.7% with a ratio of 9.7.

4. Microsoft Corporation

This technology company, known for its Windows software, develops software, software solutions, and devices which it licenses globally. Microsoft has developed Azure, its cloud computing platform, which is a growing source of revenue for the company. This company also owns LinkedIn which it runs as a network for people seeking employment.

The company’s market capitalization is $1.4 trillion. Its revenue is $138.7 billion with a net income is $46.3 billion. Its total return is 45.5% with a ratio of 30.4.

5. Dell Technologies, Inc.

Dell is another company that makes and markets computers, information tech products, and services globally. Dell technologies best known for its Dell personal computers has a range of products which include laptop and desktop computers, storage, and network products. The company also offers cloud management solutions to its customers.

This company’s market capitalization is $31.2 billion. Its revenue is $92.2 billion with a net income of $4.6 billion.

6. Sony Corporation

This Japanese company designs and makes professional, consumer, and industrial electronic products for the global market. Its product range includes game consoles, video cameras, phones, and PCs. The company is also in the movie and animation market, as well as the music industry with production and distribution. Sony is well known for its popular video game console, PlayStation, which it makes and markets.

Sony’s Market capitalization is $80.0 billion. Its revenue is $79.3 billion with a net income of $6.0 billion.

7. International Business Machines (IBM)

International Business Machines offers integrated services and solutions across industries. These include software and IT in industries like financial services, healthcare, security, and cloud computing. The company’s trademark product is its Watson computer for AI enterprise-ready services, tools, and applications.

IBM’s market capitalization is $106.8 billion. It has a revenue of $76.5 billion with net income being $9.0 billion.

8. Intel Corporation

This company produces and supplies computer chips worldwide. It also provides solutions for communications, computing, data storage, and networking. Intel is known globally for its high-performance personal computer processors for both business and consumers globally.

Intel’s market capitalization is $247.2 billion. Its revenue is $75.7 billion with a net income of $22.7 billion.

9. Panasonic Corporation

This is a Japanese company which develops, manufactures, and offers service for electronic products. Its products include PCs, tablets, and audiovisual systems. The company also produces home appliances.

Panasonic’s market capitalization is $17.4 billion. Its revenue is $70.4 billion, with a net income of $2.6 billion.

As you can see, tech companies are doing very well globally. They have created some of the most amazing technological creations that we use every day. These companies have really changed the world.