Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

7 Best Ways How You Can Make Money On YouTube In 2020

YouTube is the most influential platform that has dramatically increased the traffic drive. People are not approaching it just for entertainment or to acquire educational information, but it is the most effective platform to earn money.

In this present scenario, there has been tremendous growth in the types of online content. For your information, video content is always the first choice of viewers as it allows you to understand the topic more clearly. There are various ways with which you can monetise your YouTube channel. You should have ample knowledge of software and should be efficient in using tools like a YouTube editor.

But, can you generate high revenue just with one type of video content? Well, there are possibilities when one fails to retain as many users every time.

Hence, relying on a particular channel is not enough in this present scenario, when people want something new each time. Just uploading a few videos is not enough. If you’re going to generate a better audience, it is crucial to upload high-quality and engaging video content.

Few Ways You Can Increase Earning On YouTube

Say ‘NO’ to the traditional method. It is time to boost your earnings while uploading excellent videos and improving your YouTube channel. Improve your earning capacity on YouTube in ways such as:

  1. YouTube Ads: YouTube advertisement is one of the common ways to earn money through YouTube. Today, one should join the YPP or YouTube Partner Program before getting benefits from advertisements.

    The content should be outstanding to increase the number of viewers and subscribers. Optimise earning while making family-friendly ads and target high-quality keywords without any copyrighted music.

  2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing holds the third position in the list of a money-making method on YouTube. Linking with Amazon is the first thing which comes to our mind when talking about affiliate marketing. But, it does not mean you cannot do affiliate marketing if you fail to link to Amazon.

    It is quite a broad field and one can earn high commissions when affiliated with many companies. You can check out online to know better about the companies for improved earnings.

  3. Website Advertisement: YouTube ads are not the only source to earn money online. Website advertisement is the far better option. Nowadays, YouTube ads are getting restricted to the so-called standards of Google.

    YouTubers are hardly capable of fulfilling it, leading to less income generation. To attract many viewers towards your new website is through incentivising their visits. It will give them a probable reason to visit your site regularly.

  1. Merchandise: After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Selling products or merchandise with your channel name on it isn’t tough. Products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, snapbacks or tote bags enhance your exposure in the offline world also.

    It, further, boosts your relation with your fan base. Set an e-commerce store and use an online video editor for creating a video that amalgamates with your product niche. Use interactive features that take the viewers to your landing page.

  2. Sponsored posts: In the current year of 2020, a sponsored post is also a lucrative method of making money. In such videos, one mentions its sponsorship. Further, one talks about the company and explains why you recommend this site.

    If you feel uncomfortable to advertise any company, don’t recommend it to anyone just for the sake of a few bucks. Make sure you have a large audience to make a good amount of money through sponsored posts.

  3. Crowdfunding: Do you have lots of creative ideas and thoughts, but don’t have enough funds? Crowdfunding is the best option for you. In this, the community of fans contributes money to your project.

    Make a video of your project, which should be thrilling and quite captivating. It should be exciting enough to prompt users to donate or contribute to your project. With the use of interactive cards, you can direct the viewers towards crowdfunding sites.

  4. Events: To make your fan community stronger, organise live performances and events. It would connect you and your fans, further leading to a stronger relationship.

There are other numerous ways like direct traffic to affiliate links, video renting and many more. Making and uploading videos isn’t fruitful until you are aware of your audience’s requirements.

To improve SEO features, start with the keyword research. High-quality keywords let you know what your audience wants from your channel. Further, include it on your descriptions, hashtags and video title.

These factors greatly influence the SEO ranking factors of YouTube:

  • Number of subscribers after they view the video.
  • Comments of the videos.
  • Length of the video.
  • The ratio of likes to unlikes.
  • Click-Through-Rate.


Many people think it is pretty tough to make money on YouTube. To monetise your channel, you should master in video editing and keep the content according to the demanding trend. Follow essential tips, and you can efficiently build a wider audience with a high earning capacity.