Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Top 3 Fitness Apps for Runners

Running is one of the fastest growing fitness activities throughout the U.S. And with that, there are now tons of fitness apps available for download. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android device, do you know which apps are best for runners? We’ve compared and contrasted a range of apps available to download on both Google Play and Apple Store that do more than tracking—but also enhance the running experience altogether.

We’ve found the top 3 apps to use for your tracking and running goals. They are as follows: 

  1. Strava

(Available to iOS and Android devices)

Strava provides all of the necessary information of any fitness app, such as calories burnt, distance, time, pace, etc. You can program a running goal as well as how long you’d like to run and how far. But Strava also differs from your run-of-the-mill running apps. For one thing, it’s particularly great for those with a competitive streak. It allows you to see how your own personal performance compares to both global runners (via worldwide challenges) and to other local runners near you—pushing you strive for your ultimate best.

In addition to that, you can see how long others train each day—motivating you to go out and do more yourself. Consider Strava as a fitness running app that let’s you directly compare and contrast your own capabilities with others (including between your friends who also use the app). The app assigns each person a ranking, which varies based on performance. This app is mainly for those who #1 want to compete with others and #2, want to add a social aspect to their fitness routines.

  1. Nike+ Run Club

(Available to both iOS and Android devices)

The Nike+ Run Club App is a newer adaptation of the Nike+ Running app. This version provides coaching plans that allow you to select a running or workout plan. Plans include various workouts, depending on you want to do. These include: “Getting Started” for those starting their run and a “Get More Fit” option for those wanting to enhance their personal performance.

To monitor these different plans, there’s a “Benchmark Run” that monitors how a person is performing on a run (whether it’s any improvement or the opposite). You can also choose to “Match Your Last Run” and set traditional settings, such as your distance, duration and speed. Need to set a reminder for your next run? The Nike+ Run Club app provides that too. And like other running apps, you can also monitor your pace, speed, distance and heart rate once you’ve gotten started on a run. For those who run a treadmill indoors, this app is particularly great since it features an indoor setting.

  1. Endomondo

(Available to both iOS and Android devices)

Endomondo caters not only to a range of runners, but also people who are into other activities outdoors, such as: walking, biking and kayaking, golfing, football, martial arts, etc. In total, it tracks over 40 total activities. Endomondo’s range in fitness tracking is precisely why it’s one of today’s most popular fitness apps—and the fact that it also lets you make a plan for your exercises and set new targets.  Regardless of the exercise, it let’s you track the duration, distance, time remaining, speed, calories etc. and stores a detailed log of these activities and help evaluates your performance.

Along with tracking, Endomondo has a built-in audio coach to help guide it’s users through its various activities. For runners, it’s particularly great to have this audio guide accessible as you run; on the website, it’s even referred to as “the personal trainer in your pocket.” There is a social aspect to Endomondo in that it can connect to your social media, allowing you to share your activities. Your friends and family can then become your personal motivators.

Andrea Fisher is a marketing copywriter for ADT home security. She thoroughly loves all things gadget-related. When she’s not writing about the latest tech, you can find her out running— training for her next marathon.