Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Tantalising Technology Gifts to Make Dad Smile This Father’s Day

As we grow older we learn to value the bond we have with our Father all the more. However, it seems like Father’s Days keep coming quicker and quicker, right? We’ve got you covered this year, so don’t you worry. Although Dad grew up in a world where technology didn’t dictate everyday life, it’s safe to say that’s changed. To us, it’s the normality of life, to them, it’s like waving a magic wand in front of their eyes. So, here’s how you can use technology to impress him this year. From watches, to phones, to apps, you can change not only Father’s Day, but you can the talk of the town all year round. Why, you ask? Because your Dad won’t stop discussing the Father’s Day that changed his life.

Why not get your old man a Fit Bit smart watch? A man’s always been in love with his watch, and what it can do, but now more than ever it’s starting to change the way we live. Not only can you track your exercise, caloric intake, and control every aspect of your life, but soon you’ll be able to pay for shop items with it too.

That’s right, Dad can show off his new watch, looking slick, and young, whilst paying for items with his watch.

Fit Bit leads its competitors for a wide range of reasons, but the credit-card feature will only add to this. It will digitally hold your cards, and allow you to make in-shop purchases with only your watch.

Not only can you give him the gift of fitness, but you can make everyday so much easier for him, and after all your years of mischief, isn’t that the least you could do?

Perhaps you want to do something a little bigger, so how about a new smartphone to complement the watch, or to replace that idea? The iPhone is the perfect mix of great, yet easy to use, so keep that in mind. He can explore a wave of technology trends, and some new and exclusive apps, games and pastimes.

Whether you’re buying him his first smart watch, or smart phone, or not, you can get him some life-changing technology apps, also.

Start by downloading him ‘My Fitness Pal’. Firstly, it’s free. Secondly, it’ll go hand-in-hand with his Fit Bit tracking, allowing him to get as fit as ever, giving you guys years of celebration together. What’s not to like?

Perhaps you want to wow him with technology, but you want to opt for something a little ‘more fun’. How about MLB’s At Bat? The app allows fans to watch every single baseball game from America’s popular MLB. On top of that you can analyse stats, and much, much more. For a solid near, £100-pound gift, you can give him endless of entertainment for a year.

If the old man isn’t keen on fitness or sports, then opt for a year-long Spotify subscription. He will be excited by the fact that he can stream every single song he has ever loved, and every song he finds, all for free [because you’ve paid]. Pops won’t stop smiling all year long, but you might have to put up with a few rock shows when spending time together. Still, a small price to pay, right?

Whatever you decide to do, technology can change the way your Dad spends his everyday life. He will appreciate it more than we do. To us it’s normality, to him it’s like a movie-like scene. Technology can change his life, and nothing else- other than time together- will come close.

Thank us now, you and pops have a lot to do! Happy Father’s Day.