Sunday, 20 Sep 2020
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3M Vinyl Skins Make Personalizing Your Galaxy S7 Easy

In the cellphone world, competition runs high. The likes of Apple, Motorola, and Samsung (just to name a few) are constantly at war with one another, each year releasing the latest and greatest in smartphone technology. Despite brand new innovations affecting the abilities of the average phone, most people aren’t aware of these distinctions. As long as they can talk, text, take a few pics, and use their favourite apps, it doesn’t matter how ground-breaking it is. The typical consumer buys a phone not because of its specs but because of its looks. Aesthetics trumps function.

Galaxy S7

It’s surprising then that so many take the phone and enclose it in a thick, ugly case. The very design that made them buy the device in the first place is hidden by the accessory meant to protect it. Now take a look at your Galaxy S7. Known for its impeccable design and curved edge display, can you really see yourself imprisoning it in a bulky case? If you’re one of the millions of people taken in by its beautiful profile, your answer should be a wholehearted ‘no’.

But you can’t let your phone go unprotected. With the way you use it, normal wear and tear will damage the sleek lines in no time, defeating the purpose of buying a stylish device in the first place. Luckily, cases aren’t the only form of smartphone protection. You can expect the same (if not better) protection with a vinyl skin. Galaxy S7 skins are a thin, durable piece of material that effortlessly conforms to the unique dimensions of the phone. Skins can be made with precision, which lets them fit the device to a ‘T’. For example, those skins made by dbrand are exacting in their fit. The newest collection of Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand are engineered to fit down to the micro-millimetre, so no part of the phone goes untouched. This accuracy allows them to work with Samsung’s design in a way that shows off its selling points.

Unlike cases, which clip or clasp into place, skins stick straight onto the Gorilla Glass. But don’t worry. They’re made with a special adhesive that doesn’t leave behind any annoying residue that could damage your S7. That means, should you want to remove your skin for any reason, it will peel of effortlessly and leave behind an unblemished phone.

Once you see how well it can save your Galaxy S7 from scratches, scrapes, and the dreaded grime, there will only be two reasons why you’ll remove the vinyl. One is if you plan on selling it, and many Galaxy S7 skin lovers do. The vinyl keeps it free from damage so the device can go for more money second hand. The second reason is to update the style. Galaxy S7 skins come in a variety of looks which you can interchange to match your mood or any occasion.

It’s worth looking through the different colours and textures available. You’ll probably find a few that you like. Order them all and don’t feel guilty because vinyl protection is an affordable choice. Don’t be one of the millions who use cases or opt for no protection at all. Start checking out what you can do to preserve the cool factor of your Galaxy while protecting it from damage.