Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

JEE Mains Councelling Process

Last year, the  JEE Mains counseling was done by the central seat allocation board,  but this year, the Urban Legend has it that this year, it would be conducted by the JoSAA, which is supposed to be the joint collaboration of “Joint Admission Board” and the “Central Seat Allocation Board.”

The mechanism this year has been set to the “online” mode. Meaning almost everything, from filling of the forms to the allocation of the seats would be done online.

The decision from the JoSAA is deemed to be final, meaning if a student rejects the seats allotted to him by the authority, he wouldn’t be allowed to sit in any other rounds of allotments.

Ofcourse the students have to qualify the JEE main exams in order to be able to participate in the counseling no doubt there.

The allotment is done totally on the basis of the merit, the marks secured by the student in the JEE Mains examination.

Ofcourse the students get the chance to select the preferred allotted locations, are the colleges where the wants to be placed, but this still is not guaranteed, I mean placement.

And that is where the merit, the marks come into action, the more marks you secure, the lower your rank will be, and thus the most chances of you getting allotted to your desired locations / colleges is.

How to Register for JEE Mains Counselling:-

You need to register for the counseling beforehand, and there are a number of ways you can opt for, so let me explain them to you.

Registering Online:-

Head over to the Official JEE Mains Website> Fill in the asked details, which will normally include Email ID, name, Date of birth and bank details > make the payment using the provided payment methods.

Online Locking:-

Login to your account> Go with the choice filling options> Mark as many colleges as possible( this increases your chances) > Lock your decisions before the deadline!

Allotment of the Seats:-

Once the allotment process is started, all the registration rules and your choices would be evaluated> pass through multiple allotment rounds > Report to the allotted institute > Get your papers verified > Pay the fee of the allotment so as to confirm your registration.

Make sure you carry the below documents for your JEE MAIN counseling:-

  • Category Certificate (If Applicable)
  • JEE Main 2016 Admit Card
  • JEE Main 2016 Rank Card
  • Migration Certificate
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs
  • Board :- X & XII Certificates.
  • Confirmation Page printout.
  • Character Certificate.

Done! If you hold the above documents, you hold the rights to get allocated to the colleges the authorities decide.

Dual Reporting:-

Now this might come as a bit of news to you, but there is a thing called dual reporting with the JEE mains counseling, this is the phase which allows you to switch your colleges,  or institutes.

For example, if you have been allotted a college under the IIT  or NIIT selection program, but then you choose to switch your college, that you can do in a second round of counseling.

Of course, this choice is given only once; and decision is final, I mean once you have been given a college, and it has been finally allotted to you, you cannot change the college, and you do not have the permission of the rights to sit in for another round of counseling.

Final Words

So that was it Folks, on the JEE MAINS counseling thing. I’m sure I outlined the process with great intricacy so you shouldn’t have any more problems with it.

But just in case you didn’t get something, you can always have a look at JEE’s main website for more information.