Thursday, 29 Sep 2022
Social Media

Social Vaping-The Future of Healthier Habits

Technology is constantly advancing. New advancements are introduced every day. As most of us consumers know, the computer you bought six months ago is all but obsolete today. Now that cigarettes have gone techy, even they get to upgrade and advance technologically. has brought lots of innovate style to their latest electronic cigarette designs, creating a cooler and more user friendly vaping experience.

They’re PCC has been reworked. It is not longer a magnet-flap box, but now a neat little top sliding box. Everything stacks inside, compact but easy to access. They have done away with screwing batteries into the charging port. To charge a battery in their new PCC you simply drop in and close the case. Another neat feature is that the box lights up when you open it, making it easy to see what you’re doing, even in a dark night club.

One of the coolest features of the PCC is a social enhancement. The box vibrates and flashes whenever another BLU user or BLU retailer is within 50 feet of the PCC. This feature is designed to help electronic cigarette users connect and build community. The pack is also fitted with a micro USB port that will allow the owner to access social media pages such as BLU’s FB page. Some of the software is still being developed, but the technology is in place. Of course, the function is optional and can be switched off.

Helping e-cig users connect, and raising awareness among electronic cigarette users as to how many there are out there is yet another step in creating a strong market for the product. Users will not feel isolated, and will be able to share their experience with other users.

The electronic cigarette industry is always looking for ways to enhance their product. Not only to make it a complete “smoking” experience, but also to take the product places where traditional tobacco cigarettes could never have gone. Already, because of the fact that electronic cigarettes are tobacco free, and smoke free, they are more easily integrated to everyday life. Vapers do not need to step outside for  avape, or list items they are selling as from  a “smoking household,” or list themselves as “smokers” on medical and life insurance forms.Because of these reasons electronic cigarette users have more options than their tobacco using cigarette counterparts have ever had.