Monday, 27 May 2024
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15 Social Media Marketing Tools Every Social Media Marketer Must Be Aware Of

The digital marketers frequently use social media networks to grow businesses. Honestly, the impact of social media is undeniable. These networks can drive tons of traffic within no time. To make it possible, the marketers have to apply proper marketing strategies on social media.

Social media has the extreme influence on the people. With time, they are evolving with faster pace like never before.

The crux of the matter is that you don’t have to put all the effort and time in social media campaigns for minimal results. That’s pretty steep statement but true! So, what’s the solution here? Well, you can use social media marketing tools that are enough to optimize your social profiles for more traffic and conversions. We have asked one of the top social media marketing company from Bangalore about their favorite tools and they have shared it with us.


There are hundreds of social media marketing tools that can make your life easier. Here, you will discover 15 best social media marketing tools and why should you use them! Let’s dive in!

Social Mention

Social Mention is the most dynamic social media tool. It comes with hundreds of features to play with. If you are a newbie, then must read the FAQs before starting with this tool. Instead of showing results from one or group of social platforms, it creates a streaming timeline for the same keyword from hundreds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or StumbleUpon. The best thing, you can know an exact number of mentions. You will know how many people are mentioning your keyword or business. In fact, it also explains whether mention has the positive or negative impact!


If you are struggling to find a way that can take you to the top of social media marketing, then you must lay hands on Topsy. It is a social media analyzer, closely associated with Twitter. Precisely, it will show you who is sharing your content on Twitter? What content has been shared in tweets? With the help of filters, you can have a clear cut idea about your presence on Twitter and other social media networks.

Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader is an award-winning free social media tool from Hubspot. It completely replaced the old Website Grader. Within 30 seconds, it will analyze your website based on 30 different marketing factors. In the end, it will grade your website on a 1-100 scale based on different marketing factors.


BuzzSumo was known as an efficient content marketing tool. In simple words, it determines the performance of your online content. It breaks down the content performance in various metrics including domain, keyword, and topics.


InfiniGraph is an intelligent social media marketing tool. It is a hybrid of tracking and content marketing tool. First off, it analyzes the potential crowd source around your social profiles. Then rank the content which is shared by the people. This way, it will be helpful for you in devising content marketing tactics for more traffic and conversions!

Let’s move to the main topic! is a social media marketing tool designed for Twitter. With this tool, you can identify potential and valuable people in your Twitter circle. And the annoying thing, you are ignoring these people. With this tool, you have a chance to interact with potential prospects for more conversions!


CrowdFile follows the philosophy of Clean – Engage -Grow. This tool is available for Instagram and Twitter. With a Clean option, you can remove unwanted and spammy accounts that do not value your news feed. With Engage option, you can get clear insights about a target and potential audience. In the end, use the Growth option to reach out the right people!


As the name implies, FollowerWonk is specially designed for the Twitter network. Dig deeper in your Twitter community and find who are the followers and where are they living? What do they tweet about? With this too, you get a chance to communicate with new influencers in any specific niche.

Bundle Post

Bundle Post is an innovative social media marketing tool that is involved in content curation. If you are too busy to update status daily, then why not integrate your account with Bundle Post. Just curate the content there and let this tool do the job for you!


The buffer is a popular social media management tool, known for its efficiency and effectiveness. It is perfect for busy digital marketers. When you cannot make daily updates on several platforms, you may use this tool. With its help, you can post updates on multiple platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, etc.


HootSuite offers a complete social media management package. It will track and manage your account on multiple social media networks. With this tool, you can monitor people’s views about your brand. The best part, it enables you to watch constant streams from platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, etc. And you can post updates directly via this tool!

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another popular tool which acts just like HootSuite. It has a well-organized dashboard showing your account for multiple social media networks. With this tool, you can schedule your posts, messages or feeds. Discovery is the best feature of Sprout Social. This way, you can check who are mentioning you in their posts!


EveryPost provides complete social media workflow. Its most premium features include content curation and scheduling of feeds. You can publish customized post on multiple platforms using this tool. Secondly, it provides social analytics for the better understanding of your social presence!


InkyBee is more of a search engine for blogs instead of social media tool. We are mentioning it here because of its integration with Twitter. You can identify key followers in your Twitter community. This feature is all about discovering new connections!


Are you tired of signing into multiple social platforms? Then save your valuable time using Sendible application. Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest; access all platforms from a single dashboard!

This is the way; we manage our social media, says Edigitalmarketing. Which one is your favorite social media management tool?