Monday, 27 May 2024
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How to choose Instagram app for your needs

Flume was designed as an exclusive Instagram app for Mac OS. Ramme is a multiplatform program that can be used as for Mac as well as for Windows and Linux.

Such great difference leads us to a great difference between their features as well as their versatility. Of course, if you don’t have a Mac, Flume is useless for you. However, if you have Flume provides you with much more features than Ramme, which we discuss later.

A few words about the interface. Flume’s interface differs from the original Instagram. As Flume is an application that is used on computer screens, it has a much better view. It has a vertical feed which allows you to scroll photographs. You are able to open any photo in its original size. The color scheme of Flume is made in stylish soft blurry colors that looks very cool. Ramme is almost like the original Instagram feed, though it gives you a chance to open photos in full size too. Its interface is very plain, no fancier addons.

Back to their features. Ramme is a simple transfer of Instagram. You can upload photos here, as well as like and comment. Flume gives you a much more wide range of functions. As it changes the interface, Flume adds a lot of viewing functions. You are able to do the main actions like liking and commenting with Flume too. Exclusively Mac app offers you a translation to your language that can be a very convenient thing. As it was designed only for Mac, Flume integrates with the system very well. It works with Apple Maps, it is easy to share dialogues as well as you can use the drag-and-drop function. Flume is also a localized app. It is translated on more than 25 languages. And it allows you upload photos from your computer.

Both of these applications can work in the background. It means they can notify you about some new actions in your feed. This feature is very useful if you’re bored to get phone always with you.

If you have an Instagram business profile, an exclusive Mac app can gather some useful information for you. It will grant you statistics about your posts and followers and it will help you to promote your posts.

Basically, these apps are pretty the same. Flume was designed as a “boost” of Instagram features in order to make him more convenient. As it was said the app was made only for Mac system which grants it a fair advantage over the Ramme on the Mac platform, due to its integration. On the other side, there are a lot of people that don’t need translations, localizations, fancy interfaces etc. A standard minimal interface is enough for them. As Ramme got a function to upload photos, it is impossible to say that this app is now bad. The small size of Ramme is saying that it must be very simple and plain.

To take everything into account, the exclusive Mac application seems to be a bit better for some interesting features and good integration to Mac.