Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors


After many comparisons and hurdles Samsung had proved itself by releasing its successor Galaxy S3 this year and it has been only few months since the launch of galaxy s3, all the geeks and enthusiasts already started buzzing about galaxy s4.

Before this rumor was just a prediction but after the news from an Korean daily news article, it proves that Samsung is going to release the new Galaxy s4 in 2013. I honestly hope that this device will be the next generation smartphone.

Now the news has been confirmed that Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s not a prediction now.

So let’s see the specifications and the new features of s4 where all the geeks and enthusiasts were been predicting after the article is published on Korean news website.

Camera and Screen

The camera of Samsung Galaxy s4 is going to be the unique device in the coming year, news that galaxy s4 has an image resolution of 4208 x 3120 (13 MP) and it is powered by the 1080p HD LCD screen and not the AMOLED one.

The reason is that the manufacturer couldn’t be able to prepare an AMOLED display with such a high resolution of 4208 x 3120 pixels, thus we would see the LCD as a better option rather then super amoled screens. LCDs are said to be quite vibrant in colors, but AMOLEDs have been quite energy efficient, so both the displays have their own pros and cons. So finally we can expect only LCD’s instead of AMOLED screens this new Samsung galaxy s4.


When talking about the design, itseems that some of them felt the design of s3 a cheaper design so Samsung is trying hard to improve it and a designer has made a design.

Ultimate Processor

When it comes to processor point of view it’s being reported that Samsung galaxy s4 will have Exynos 5450 chipset with a powerful cortex A15 quad-core processor and the expected date to be released is on 2013 Mobile World Congress. The price details and the shipping details will be discussed later after Samsung releases the phone!! 😛

Storage Memory

Another mind blowing rumour is that the new samsung galaxy s4 will have a 64 Giga Bytes of internal memory which can further be expandable using memory cards!!!


So what do you think about these rumors, will they really implement them or it will be as a rumor itself.

Please move your fingers to comment below so we can know your point of view on this device.