Monday, 27 May 2024

Why you must power your blog with WordPress?

Day by day, the number of websites and blogs are increasing rapidly. If you want to participate in this rat race, then you have to be the owner of a successful blog or website. Even a few years ago, making a website used to be very time-consuming and hard to implement. One had to write thousands of long codes to run their blogs. But, now WordPress has solved this problem by providing free blog hosting for its clients. By using WordPress, you can power your blog and website easily.

In a survey it has been found that in every minute, 200+ posts and 180+ comments are submitted to the blogs in Furthermore, statistics shows that till now double the number of Encyclopedia Britannica pages has been written. Now, Blogging is a very nice medium to convey your business messages among the customers and the clients. WordPress is the best site to give the absolute working platform to you for your job. It has features like – spam control, categories, tags and threaded comments, and it has a vast collection of inbuilt themes for your writing background. These things make WordPress the best among its competitors.

Reasons why WordPress should power your blogs

Easy to use and maintain

WordPress is very easy to control and it makes the task of creating your own blog extremely easy. For using it, you don’t need to get help from the professionals. Each and every thing is well-defined. The automatic update features give you the opportunity to use the latest tools in a user-friendly environment.

Unlimited freedom

There is no limit to use server-side codes, PHP, MySQL, plug-ins and applications.  It gives you so much freedom that you can do anything with your blogs. It provides you with an optional, “distraction-free” writing environment, where you can fully concentrate on your writing. You need not worry about the text format, background etc. Through WordPress you can add themes, photo galleries, video or photo sliders, comment forums, shopping carts and more to your blog. All of this can be done while the core framework stays the same and can be updated without a hitch.

Sharing your stuff

You need not worry about ways to attract readers, as WordPress will automatically share your contents. WordPress has a few well-built features which helps you to get all the information about your blogs. It will also notify all the popular social networks that content or an article has been published on your blog. WordPress allows you to schedule your content so that it can be published on any date and time according to you wishes.

Search engine priority

Do you want to show your article to a large number of people?

WordPress makes it easier by optimizing it so that it can get the maximum priority in any search engine. This helps you to get a higher rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


The engineers of WordPress are always ready to fix the bugs and security threats. That’s why in every 3 to 4 months, a new version of the WordPress is released with better features and better security. WordPress always wants to give its clients the best service. So they continuously improve the features of their applications. WordPress helps its users handle and manage all the spam on their blogs as well.

Lightning speed

It uses the latest dynamic page generation technology. This technology minimizes the server storage space, thus making your site extremely fast. This technological feature helps generate page requests by viewers on your site directly from your templates and database.

 Extending Blogs to sites

You can transform your blogs to a fully-controlled website using WordPress. Here, you do not need to use any kind of web hosting technology to generate your site. WordPress does all that stuff on its own. To make this extension, you have to register as a site owner.

Open and transparent code:

WordPress gives an opportunity to its users to make any positive changes to their sites or blogs by making all its codes transparent.

 Easily available

WordPress allows you to publish your content anywhere and everywhere as you can share your blogs with mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 Phone, Nokia and even by e-mail.

Multilevel password protection

By using multilevel protection feature, you can protect your posts from public viewing, or you can even make your blog completely private and accessible only to individual authors, members or registered users.