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Top 7 Cache Plugins For WordPress

If we talk about the website cache and its necessity, the certain answer would be that it reduces the latency and load on the website, but in addition to that it also reduces the network traffic and bandwidth required. For a website, if we go into a bit more detail, there are the Browser cache, Proxy Cache, Object Cache and database cache that needs to be enabled. But the main problem starts from here when you are required to have a deep technical knowledge of such things and previous experience. However if you are using wordpress to publish your posts, these tedious works are automatically performed by the various plugins available for it. Here, we are going to discuss some of the top such plugins that will help you to perform the aforesaid actions.

Below are the TOP 7 cache plugins for wordpress


It is one of the most popular caching plugin for WordPress and is recommended by many leading websites and WordPress powered blogs. It claims to increase that it can load the webpage 10 times faster than in the normal condition. Further it offers many options and optimization techniques such as minimization of the original source code and the integration of the content delivery network.


It is one of the earliest plugin and goes a way back. Hence it has got an old track record. It has the feature that it does not cache the whole page rather it allows the user or the administrator of the website to select the pages and files needs to be cached. One of the cons that may be reported that despite it works well, it gets updated very less.


This caching plugin was developed by Primo Themes. Its unique selling point is its user friendliness. The interface that it provides is so easy and each of the options has been explained so clearly. These options include the ability to disable caching for the logged in users or the user who have posted a new comment so that they may see their comment right away.


As the name suggests it is the extended version of the previous Hypercache plugin. This plugin offers features such as caching of 404 error page caching, has support for mobile devices and gives many compression options.


This plugin is compatible on the 3.1 version of WordPress. It caches the SQL queries to increase the speed of the website. However it is one of the newly developed caching plugin, much track record is not available but has been reported to perform fairly well.


This plugin generates the HTML files of any website. Further the timeout settings for cached files and their auto clean-up process can be managed. It has Turkish home page. Consequently, if you do not know that language, you cannot supposedly assess its features.


This plugin shows the static pages to the visitors and hence reducing the loading time of the webpage. It claims that it efficiency increases with the increase in the traffic to your website. It can also cache some of the other plugins of WordPress.

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