Monday, 27 May 2024
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How to get screenshots of Instagram stories without notifying the owner of the story?

Instagram, the social media only for pics and short clips are making changes to the platform after the acquisition by Facebook. It is trying to compete and has introduced many features form Snapchat like stories, live video and what not. Instagram, as we know has been testing a feature to notify the owner of the stories when someone takes a screenshot of theirs the same way Snapchat does.

Not that the screenshot is disabled you will be able to take screenshots but the first time you do it you will see a pop-up saying from next instance it will notify the person who posted it. From then on every screenshot taken will be notified. This is done as an extensive way to increase privacy for the users. But not everyone thinks the same way. Some people love to have the short-lived stories to stay forever in their media gallery, some want to repost all without notifying the person who posted it. Here we have listed a few ways to get the screenshots without sending a notification.

Switching off the internet (or) simply Airplane mode

Putting on the aeroplane mode makes the Instagram application fail to connect to its server thereby failing to send the notification. Open Instagram and let the stories load. Then head on to the settings and switch on the aeroplane mode and then open Instagram stories and get your screenshot done. Switch off the aeroplane mode.

This simple trick works as of now but expected to be rectified sooner as we experienced with the snapchat. So test out on stories of people around you before deploying this trick.

Take screenshots from the browser

There is always a strategical work around. You need not blindfold Instagram to do this. Simply head on to the browser, direct to and log in with your credentials. You have no restrictions in the web app version. Simply head to the story you want to capture and screenshot it. You are good to go, coz the web apps as of now do not have any API to recognize whether a screenshot is taken or not. If you feel it is a pain to use the web app and log in every time the next one is for you.

Third party Instagram Apps

There are hassle-free and easy to get screenshots without letting the owner of the story notified. There are some third-party apps in the store itself. They mostly make use of the web app version with some customisation. There are even specialised apps like ‘Story Reposter’ which makes everything with a few clicks and saves your time too.

Jailbreak your iPhone

If any of the above fails with future changes you always got ways, Jailbreak your iPhone add some nifty tweaks like the ‘Rocket for Instagram’ or ‘Instagram++’ which enables not only to screenshot the stories, you can simply get the story in your camera roll with a tap of a button, be it image or clip. 

This is all we could find as of now to dodge Instagram’s idea of notifying the owner of the story, we will surely get you more from time to time. Get back to the same site whenever you need assistance on subjects like this.