Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024
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How do i remove timeline from facebook

Facebook introduced timeline and it’s been a long time. People have gotten used to this new profile outline but still there are many out there who don’t like timeline. People complain that timeline reveals their privacy which not entirely true, because the profile privacy doesn’t actually deal with timeline. Except the cover picture privacy, you can control almost every other part of the privacy. However, if you just can’t tolerate Timeline and want to get rid of it anyhow, we have some words to tell you.

First of all, there is not official method for removing this timeline. Yes, Facebook, since the launching of Timeline, has been saying that you can’t officially remove it. Then, how do I remove Timeline from Facebook?

The answer will dishearten you. No matter how hard you try to find, there’s no way you can remove the Timeline from your Facebook profile. But yes, you can at least get rid of it. You will not see your Timeline but other friends of you will still the Timeline, we can’t help that.

Since you already have Timeline, you should protect your previous ‘public’ posts so that no unwanted stalkers can get past your past posts.

How do I remove Timeline from Facebook

Go to ‘Settings > Privacy Settings’ in your Facebook Timeline. You will get three options which are ‘Public’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Custom’. Choose custom and restrict the past posts in your Timeline which was set to be visible by Public. This is how you do that –

There’s no way to remove timeline. You can still do one thing though which is –

No, we don’t suggest you do this. Let’s take a look at some other methods.

Hiding your Timeline

There are many plugins and apps available in the internet that you can use to hide your Timeline from you only. When you are browsing Facebook from your own PC that has the downloaded anti-Timeline plug-in enabled, they will keep it hidden from you but your friends will see the Timeline.

FB Purity

If you are using one of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browsers, then get the FB Purity Plugin for your browser. If you use Internet Explorer, it’s highly recommended that you get one of the above mentioned browsers as IE won’t support Purity.

Once the Purity is installed, you will see a green TL next to your search bar.

Click on the green TL button, you will not see the Timelines any more, neither yours nor of your friends. When you visit other profiles or pages, you will see the previous layout which contains a single column layout.

And if you want to get back to Timeline again, click the TL button again, this time shown with a red ‘X’ sign on it.

Following the above mentioned method of how do I remove Timeline from Facebook, you can evade yourself from seeing the Timeline profile every day. But as I have said earlier, you can’t completely remove Timeline. It’s recommended to get used to Timeline.