Saturday, 10 Dec 2022

Five Best Car Apps For iPad

With five generations of the iPad having come to pass, the number of apps built to enhance the usability of the iPad is mindboggling. By end 2012, AppStore alone offered more than 700,000 apps built for the iPad by Apple and other third party vendors. Out of these, quite a few are designed to support the iPad while on the move. Here are five best car apps for the iPad. Take your pick, or pick them all!


This Car app works with both iPhone and iPad. It is a very useful application that helps you find your way back to your ride by using notes, pictures and automatic GPS functions. It also keeps track of the time remaining on the parking meter, and syncs with the iPhone to send you alerts. You can also use this app to locate nearby ATMs, parking garages, cafes and gas stations, among other things. With a relatively small size – 17 mb – and low price tag – $0.99, this is a must have app on your iPad.

Speedometer Speed Box

This is a speedometer and GPS app that’s designed for both the iPhone and iPad. It features nine analog and digital speedometers that display your current speed in mph, kmph and knots, as well as maximum and average speeds. It also displays altitude, and features a digital compass as well as an odometer to calculate the distance you have traveled. It also warns you if you are driving too fast. At 2.3 mb, it’s fairly small in size and the price tag of $3.99 is reasonable. Good buy.


CarZen is a virtual automobile market that provides information about more than 2 million new and used cars from over 18,000 dealerships. It displays high resolution pictures of all new cars, and includes reviews from dealers, customers and auto journalists. It also includes CarFax highlights where available. It is a fairly heavy app at 18.4 mb, and is available only in English. Price: FREE!!

Real Racing 2 HD

This is a high definition 3D car racing app that has been optimized specifically for the iPad and iPad2. It features 30 cars, 15 circuits, and unlockable content, and can be connected to a HDTV using an Apple Digital AV adapter, turning it into a life size high adrenalin experience. It is available in several languages, and is fairly heavy at 444 mb. The price tag of $6.99 is well worth it.


Dynolicious is an app that uses the iPad’s accelerometer to measure various timings: 0–60 mph time, quarter mile times, horsepower, lateral G’s and other performance metrics. It also stores the results for later analysis, and records modifications to your car so you can evaluate changes in both power and performance. And to top it, you can post your results to Facebook and Twitter. It is fairly lightweight at 16.7 mb, and you get a lot of features at just $4.99. Must have iPad app.