Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review

It is always advisable to take a back up of all the data which you have on your personal computer. Though this is true and has also been taken into consideration by Microsoft and a provision to do the same has been made in the various versions of windows, somehow, the backup service which comes along with windows is not that impressive and moreover the process is a tiring one.


This has given rise to the development of various back up softwares in the market. One of the best free backup software is the EaseUS todo backup software. This software can be used to take the backup of almost every single setting, state, data etc. of your personal computer. The software is extremely user friendly and quite simple to operate. The well laid out buttons, icons and colorful interface are not just user friendly but also attractive. This makes the task of navigating through the various features of the software more enjoyable.

The software similar to other products from EaseUS has a wizard like operating. This further eases up the operation of the software. The software is basically used to take back up of every possible thing on your personal computer. Just like the EaseUS data recovery, you have an option of choosing your preferred type of back up. You can choose from selective file backup, partition back up and system back up. In selective back up, you can select the files which are extremely important and take their back up. Partition back up is used to take a back up of any important partition as a whole which contain important files. Though the above two backups are well effective, it is most advisable to get a complete system back up. The backup which is taken can also be chosen from two types. The low memory image back up consists of images of the screenshots of provided important files. Yet another type is the one where the software creates a special back up file which can be directly installed and read over another computer.

Another feature of the EaseUS todo back up software is the complete system back up. Here, a backup image is created of every nook and corner of the computer including the software settings of the operating system known as disk cloning. The option is so efficient that all you need to do on a formatted hard disk is run the backup file you had created and you get your personal data as well as the preferred settings of the operating system. The disk cloning option literally lifts, your memory and disk content with the operating system and place it over other hard disk when you need to format your hard disk or replace it.

Thus, with such unique feature, the EaseUS todo backup is one of the best back up software out there in the market owing to its unique features and smooth as well as user-friendly operations.