Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Best Google Reader Alternatives

We all are seriously disappointed about the Google Reader shutting down. It is time to look for its alternatives. Here we highlight some of the best Google Reader Alternatives. Each of these alternatives contains certain unique features. You can pick any of them that suits you well.

Best Google Reader Alternatives


Feedly can be the best Google Reader Alternatives. It is a free service that is available as a chrome extension and Android or iOS app. While it presently uses Google Reader it is said that the developers are working on building a new syncing engine. That means that the users can still continue to use the service even after the Google Reader shuts down. In order to use Feedly RSS Reader you need to download the Feedly Google Chrome Extension and install it. It is the best way to read the content of some of your favourite websites.


This can be the best Google Reader Alternatives. It has a similar interface like that of Google Reader. This free service is not unlimited, however you can buy a premium account that is available at $24 for a year for the free service is limited to 12 websites only. To read a web page on Newsblur all you need to do is to create an account and start reading the content of your favorite website and blogs by subscribing them. The feeds that are present in the Google reader can be imported and can also be arranged and categorized in a folder.

The Old Reader

This is a good and best Google Reader Alternatives. It incorporates many features of the Google Reader which includes some of the features that were removed by Google from the Reader. It is basically an older version of the Google Reader. It allows you to import the Google Reader feed via Google Reader account. With this service the same level of sharing can be experienced like that of the Google Reader old version.


This can be the best Google Reader Alternatives. This service is known to have about 2 million users and is ranked as one of the top sites. With Bloglines you can get information about the latest news and topics from your favourite website. The websites that you add here can help you to track information about the current news. To manage the widgets there is drag and drop functionality available which can help you to add the feeds ad widgets.

Net Vibes

This can be a good alternative to Google Reader. It is basically a dash boarding service where widgets can be added to your dashboard which can allow you to read news from your favourite sites. It is the best platform to manage all your feeds in a dashboard. You need to create an account to use it as a dashboard or home page. There are other accounts like Premium and Pro available but they are expensive and not necessary. As you create an account you can start adding widgets to your dashboard and enjoy reading all the news from various sites.