Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Droid Phones for Sale

Android is one of the most popular operating platforms for smart phones nowadays. The primary reason for this tremendous popularity of the Android operating system is the fact that the user gets access to a virtual store house of thousands of applications. These applications are available on the official application market of Android, which is known by the name Android Market, thus rendering them safe for download. These applications are known for various uses. They may be gaming applications, which is, simply put, games. The Android Market has all kinds of games, ranging from action, arcade and strategy to card games and everything in between. The Android Market also has other very useful software and utility tools that will enrich your Android experience to the ultimate. Now, with the latest Jelly Bean upgrade for your Android phones, the demand for Android has increased more than ever. The following is a list of the six best droid phones for sale or within budget.

droid phones for sale

Micromax A110 Canvas2 (Rs. 10, 549)

The Micromax A110 Canvas2 is one of the best droid phones for sale withinbudget, that provides you two slots for SIM cards. It is made in the lines of Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of design and therefore, a pleasure for the eyes. It is equipped with Android OS, 8 MP camera and supports 3G, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, and USB.

Sony XperiaTipo (Rs. 9990)

This is again a dual SIM phone, which also lists among the droid phones for sale within budget. It is equipped with the latest Android, 2.5 GB usable memory and a 512 MB RAM. The display is low resolution, but the camera makes up for it.

Karbonn A18 (Rs. 9738)

This is one of the best droid phones for sale within budget. It comes with the Android ICS right from the counter and has a 5 MP primary camera and a secondary VGA camera. The screen size is decent too, but is vulnerable to scratches.

Spice Stellar MI 425 (~ Rs. 7,500)

This is another great Android purchase, especially because of the superb battery life. This is a phone that has been built on the lines of LG and HTC in terms of design. It is sturdy and heavy. It comes equipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich as well along with 5 MP camera, but a low resolution display.

Lava Xolo A700 (Rs. 9999)

This is one of the best budget Android phones you will find in the Indian market. It has a 4.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen with capacitative feature, giving you high clarity. The camera is 5 MP, complete with an LED flash. It has an exemplary performance.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite (Rs. 6790)

This is yet another dual SIM Android phone and the best best droid phones for sale that has been built along the line of the Galaxy Y Duos, with a smaller sized screen. The camera is a 2 MP one, and the phone is expertly equipped with Wi-Fi, HSDPA 3.6 connectivity and built in FM radio.