Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

Bluestacks android market

About Android:

Android is far better now than the old Symbian software which were used in earlier. Android supports a huge number of apps which includes Bluestack app player download and there are merely no apps that are not supported by the android software. Android operating system provides in-built anti-virus for every cell phone. Customers are allured by the wide range of applications that this operating system provides. The android operating system generally comes in Samsung, HTC, micromax, spice, onida, I-ball phones and Android 4.1 Smartphone. This OS also supports numerous animations, HD videos. The home screen can be customized with widgets. It supports exciting features like editing in Picasa, a much faster browsing of the internet, sharing and uploading much more stuffs. There are many android phones and tablets available in the market.

About BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a software development company based in Silicon Valley that produces BlueStacks Cloud Connect and BlueStacks App Player applications. These two products are equally designed in such a way so that it enables Android applications to run on Windows, Macintosh computers and Windows tablets and also in mobiles. Rosen Sharma, CTO at McAfee and a core member of board of, created the company in 2009.Normally, if someone wants to run Android apps on any other platform other than on an Android device, it is essential to install a Software Development Kit to support the android operating system.

BlueStacks Android market

The BlueStacks Android market apps are generally downloaded though the Android Market and it can only be surfedusing the Android Market. They do not exist in the normal menu of the BlueStacks. There is a section named downloads where all the downloaded apps usually gets collected there for future use.

Steps for downloading BlueStacks Android market apps:

  • Download the Android Market App from the XDA Forums. This package includes some other Google Android Apps that include the popular one like Gmail, Gtalk, Maps, Play and many more exciting features.
  • Unzip the package and then gradually install the Android Market App in BlueStacks.
  • Once installed, the Android Market icon appears in the BlueStacks menu.
  • Click to start the Google Play App in BlueStacks.
  • To start the app, the user needs to have an existing Google account. If you do not have an account, create one or sign with your current Google Account if you already have one.

Benefits of BlueStacks Android market app:

After logging in, it is just similar to browsing Android Market on any Android phone. All you have to do is find the apps which you require to download and install them and then launch it. It should be noted that apps that arebeing installed through Android Market has to be launch from the Android Market. The apps do not appear on the launcher of BlueStacks.

Android Market also requires internet access. It cannot be operated offline or if do not have any internet access.