Monday, 24 Jun 2024

What is the Use of Learning Maths?

Since our childhood, we are learning various subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Hindi, History, Geography, etc. Each subject has its own individual importance in our life. Like, Science has taught us how life originated in the world, History explained to us what happened in the past years before we were even born, Geography has helped us to know the map of different places, etc. Similarly, Maths also plays an important role in our life. From simple calculations to the difficult one, Math has made it easy to work upon it.

Some of the topics in Maths which are related to Geometry such as triangles, polygons, lines, quadrilateral angles, etc. have been taught to learn about different types of shapes we see in our daily life. These concepts will help us to understand the area covered or occupied by any object. Also, the amount of water which has to be immersed in a glass is calculated by the volume of the glass, where the glass is in a particular shape such as cylindrical.

Use of Learning Maths

Maths helps children to grow their brain sharper. This subject consists of a lot of logic, which students can apply in their daily life. It helps to encourage logical thinking and capabilities. Therefore, from our nursery standard to class 10, Maths has been taught as a compulsory subject. After that, students can opt for the subject as per their interest.

Maths also performs an important part in the field of Technologies. Whatever new technology has been launched are all based on programming. These programming languages use Math logic to implement or run any task. Concepts like number system, which includes binary numbers, octal numbers, decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers are used by computers for coding. Even for gaming, graphic designing, videos, etc., mathematical terms are used.

Maths have a huge scope in the line of Business. The amount of revenue generated in a business can be calculated by maths profit and loss formulas. Also, statistics, bar graph and pie-charts, helps us to know the graph of development or growth in the company.

Apart from these, you will face many applications of Maths in real-life.

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