Thursday, 29 Sep 2022

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Be Secure From Danger!

When you surf the Web, all the information you go through – your unique virtual portrait. It is tracked and even saved by various interested organizations. Are you sure you want to let them keep doing this? We hope not. Therefore, we have found the perfect solution for you – Utopia P2P Ecosystem, that helps to remain unnoticed.

How can Utopia P2P ecosystem protect you?

You have many reasons to take care of reliable protection of your personal data. Utopia gives you complete anonymity and hides your real location and the actions you perform on the Internet.

Thanks to peer-to-peer architecture, there is no single server for data protection and storage. Now each user is a peer – at the same time, he is a server for storing the data and a client. Build on this principle, the person can use the following functions of the ecosystem:

  • Use anonymous messenger – uMessenger: every message, whether text or voice, is securely encrypted. The user can add to messages stickers, pictures, emoticons. There is the possibility of creating chats and blog-channels. Also, the user can place the chat or channel on the appropriate location using uMap.
  • Send and receive sensitive data, files, and documents to your colleagues through uMail. Now, the fear of data leakage is minimized at the fullest and forwarding confidential data is more secure and simple than before.
  • Use an anonymous Idyll browser. With it, you will no longer leave traces on foreign sites. Thanks to tunnel data technology all the sites are placed in the ecosystem and there is no need to go online on the world web. Each user can create and add the new sites and they will be available for everybody.
  • Make financial payments with an e-wallet – uWallet. It stores the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – cryptons. Now, each financial payment is securely protected, because the user doesn’t need to enter the bank data and data of his credit cards.
  • Gain cryptons directly in the ecosystem using the Mining bot. Each person can get some rewards for 15 minute session on the Internet using Utopia.

Everything is protected with Elliptic Curve25519 and also saved thanks to the 256-bit AES encryption. A confidential connection will allow you to enjoy completely anonymous surfing in complete security.

Why did we choose it?

First of all, a high degree of anonymity. You no longer need to switch to incognito mode, or agree to the use of cookies. Now the history of your actions is known only to you. In addition, the system is censored free, so expressing your opinion on the Internet has become even easier.

Secondly, protection from third-parties interference due to the latest encryption and data protection technologies ensure safe surfing even in the most serious situations. The risk of leakage is minimal since only the user has access to the data. Access opens a personal key.

Thirdly, it is suitable for everyone. To start using the ecosystem, you do not need to spend hours understanding the principles of its work. It has a user-friendly interface that adapts to everyone who uses Windows, IOS, Linux.

Don’t hesitate and trust your life to an unknown Internet assistant! Use only proven data protection options! Be as efficient and protected as possible!