Monday, 27 May 2024
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Using Your Tablet PC as an Exhibition Stand

There are many ways to stand out at a trade show or exhibition, and with the recent proliferation of tablet computer devices at work, adding visually appealing, immersive multimedia features to your exhibition stand at a trade show is easier than ever.

Essentially such display stands, designed for all tablet computers such as iPads, Android and Windows devices, allow a robust, secure and appealing way to showcase your products and services. Company brochures, flyers and catalogues are so passe. By showcasing everything interactively using iPad display stands, visitors are drawn to your stand straight away, and walk away with a memorable impression that leads to client interest and follow-up.

Designed to be approachable, attractive and stimulating, these iPad display stands boost the effectiveness of your trade show booths. Upgrade your company image with enhanced professionalism and elegance by utilising innovative iPad / tablet display stand solutions.

You needn’t worry about visitors messing about with the tablets either. Solutions have been designed with physical locks, which secures your tablets into a secure frame. There is also the option to hide the “home” button on your device, thereby ensuring that the preloaded multimedia presentation will just run and run without interruption.

Tablet display stands also comes in many varieties; choose from a single standalone tablet display to modular stands that can hold up to four tablet devices securely at a time. Use it at exhibitions, trade shows and seminars, in office and retail environments such as menu displays, multimedia sales demonstrations, interactive signage, and a multitude of other visually appealing purposes.

Still not convinced? How about the following compelling reasons:

1. People are drawn towards tablet computers
When was the last time you walked by a publicly available iPad or tablet computer without pausing to take a look? These high value media consumption devices still has the ability for people to stop and take notice.

2. People spend more time at your booth
If people are stopping by to check out the tablet pc stands at your exhibition space, they’ll be spending more time there. Other people will notice and crowds draw additional crowds and soon your stand will be packed.

3. People will find out more about your company
Not everyone will have the chance to fiddle with your tablets, but if they’re waiting or hanging around they will take notice of what your company is about and engage in discussions with staff on the stand.

4. People will try to use the apps preloaded on your tablets
Preload your tablets with apps designed specifically for trade shows and exhibitions, such as OnSpot Social and KioskPro. The former allows you to collect Facebook likes, add Twitter followers and suck up customer email addresses from anywhere. The latter turns your tablet into a digital billboard.

5. People will follow up
Such a memorable experience will ensure potential customers and business partners will come back to you after the event.