Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Top 10 Windows 8 Themes

Windows is always a top choice of a tech- aficionado being completely user friendly and swift. With the release of Windows 8 people have been further customizing and enhancing the look by opting for various options including theme modification. You can have almost the same theme in Windows 8 like you did in Windows 7. The images you will find further under this article shall give you an insight of how to make your desktop look totally superb.

Top ten Themes

This awesome collection of top ten themes for windows 8 shall help you to add your personal taste to your desktop.

Windows 8 theme 1– Base

Base basically has the pattern of darker shades on borders of the window and task bar and light colors on the center screen. Such combination highlights the main content of the screen. It also ensures a collection of high quality images in the background that has a wonderful feature of automatic rotation.

Windows 8 theme 2– Simplex

This is a treat for simplicity lovers with its sober colors and limited window buttons. With the help of third party tools and little assistance you may even add transparency to it.

 Windows 8 theme 3– Royale

This theme shall remind you of the Windows XP look. It is actually a theme created by Microsoft for the Windows XP, though similar mimicry of Windows 7 or Vista for theme is not possible due to changed technicalities by Microsoft.

Windows 8 theme 4– Platinum

Inspiration driven themes are usually highly preferred and on the same line this theme was created. It brings a completely different look to the desktop. If you love the look of Mac OS X but not using the same. Well In your Windows 8 computer also you may have the same look as Mac look or even OS X-style with Platinum theme.

Windows 8 theme 5– Work for Windows 8

Are you looking for the corporate perfect theme, well this one delivers it all with dark borders and bright content. In this theme professional shades like gray and gradients is used.

Windows 8 theme 6– WhiteDior

It is one of the widely demanded themes. With the contrasting look it provides solid, pure white Window themes coupled with black taskbar and a sleek black line at the bottom side of each window. Distinctively in this theme the buttons of minimize and maximize which are generally visible at the right most upper corner of the window are totally invisible until you reach there by your mouse. 

Windows 8 theme 7– Areao4.8

Bright blue Window buttons coupled with slate color taskbar, this theme also has wonderfully rotating wallpaper images.

Windows 8 theme 8– Glow

As the name sounds this theme has bright colors contrasting with white and grey.

Windows 8 theme 9– Dark8

For all those who love to see dark colors in their themes. There is no white here at all only shades of black and gray.

Windows 8 theme 10– Incomplete VS

This theme has spectacular contrasting combination of bright shades and dark gray shades with highlighting close button.

Add the theme of your choice to your Windows 8 pc and give it your personal touch through the variety of collection as above stated.