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Results of Inter First Year

The First Year Intermediate Results Will Shape the Future Of Many Students

The key feature of the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Exam is that it pervades all sections of the society. This is a 2 year course directed towards the +2 students of the board. The exams help to lay the foundation of education for the children of the not so privileged sections of the society. The results of inter first year are considered very important as the basic idea is to popularize the system of education among the girl population in the state. Attempts in this respect were made through out these years with the help of media and even a new TV channel (Mana TV) was launched to promote education.

results of inter first year

Results of inter first year

The system of intermediate education came into force in 1989. The board made major upheavals in the existing infrastructure and the entire process was simplified but was strict. The UGC guidelines were meticulously followed and teachers were recruited and salary was at par with UGC scale. The examination pattern and the syllabus for each course are closely monitored and the board only approves any new changes or additions after being completely satisfied. For records, the Andhra Board of Inter Exam is a fully autonomous body headed by a Chairman and a Director.

The system of education in Andhra Pradesh is divided into a 10+2+3 format. This format was chosen to benefit the students in the long run. The +2 level courses are very important as the next step would be university education. The results of inter first year are very important as the students will move a step ahead towards higher education. The results of inter first year are expected to be out by June 2013 and one will get to know the results through different media like TV and SMS. The students can sms to a specific number namely 56767999 to know the results of inter first year 2013.