Saturday, 5 Dec 2020
Cloud Computing

How Secure is Your Cloud Storage?

When online, one of the most important issues is security. Whether you’re uploading an important file or entering your login details for your email account, you’ll want to make sure that no sensitive information is stolen or compromised. This is certainly the case with cloud storage, as it’s fully reliant on being online to work effectively.

Businesses in particular should prioritise online security, as many hackers and cybercriminals will see companies with significant finances as potential victims. A number of high profile cases of hacking involving the likes of Coca-Cola and Apple show how much work is needed to keep businesses immune from being attacked by malware or hacking.

Remain vigilant

Cyber-attacks are sadly a common problem for any firm heavily reliant on the internet for file sharing. Even some anti-malware programs might be insufficient to guard against viruses, spyware or anything else malicious that could see precious data compromised or stolen completely.

In that event, there are a few things that must be done, especially when using cloud storage:

Remember that the cloud is no less risky than other storage solutions

Despite being located remotely online, the cloud is no less secure than more traditional forms of cloud storage. File servers, for example, are no less immune to cyber-attacks, so try to do what you would normally do when using the cloud to share and store files.

Responsibility for the cloud rests with all employees

You might think that if you’re at the top of your company’s hierarchy, you’ll have to deal with the consequences of any security breach. However, all employees should share some of the burden if your cloud storage is compromised in any way, so make sure that the cloud is as secure as possible.

Check your cloud storage account daily

If you only use cloud storage intermittently, you might have missed any possible hacking or installation of malware. By checking your account daily, you’ll be wise to anything that has happened, plus it might give you a little peace of mind, which is always helpful when using cloud storage.

When finding an account, check for the right security certificates

Some online data storage providers clearly display all the relevant security certificates they’ve been given. The more they have, the more likely they are to be safe for use. After looking on a few sites, if they all have the same certificates, you will know which ones are genuine.