Monday, 27 May 2024
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Getting Started with VPS (Virtual Private server)

Getting started with VPS (Virtual Private server)

So, you are going to purchase VPS or you already Purchased it but you don’t know how to use it? No worries, In most cases, While purchasing VPS, Owners don’t know how to use it.

If you are blogger or marketer and you don’t know about Linux or Windows system commands then you must read this whole article.

One more thing, If you are yet to purchase VPS, Here are some recommended companies.

  1. Digital Ocean (Use the coupon ALLSSD10 to get $10 credits free)
  2. Interserver (Use this Interserver coupon code to get VPS at $0.01)
  3. Linode (Use the coupon LINODE10 to get $10 off)

So, you can purchase the best quality VPS from that companies. Now, If you have VPS, Let me explain you how exactly you can use it.

If you have not purchased cPanel with your VPS then you will only get terminal access to your server. If you are windows user, you can download Putty to connect with your server.

If you are Linux user, you don’t have to install any external software to connect with your server because the Terminal of Linux Rocks!

Now, First let me show you how to connect with your server. As I said, If you are the windows user, Open Putty, and for Linux user, open up the terminal.

In putty, Just enter the IP of your server in the box in which you are asked to enter it. Select the SSH from the options given below in the list.


If you are Linux user like me, you can open up the terminal and write the command,


and you are done! Now, you will be asked to enter the root password, Just enter it and now you are connected with your server. Now you can install Softwares on it and upload the scripts on it.

If you are connecting your computer for the first time with your server, You will be asked to authorize it by key. Just press yes for putty and Run the command yes for Linux.

This is how you can connect with your server. Now, if you want to run the site on your server, You can upload the code into var/www/html folder and if you know how to work with Apache Virtual Hosts, you can host more than 1 sites on it.

If you don’t want to mess up with lots of commands, you can surely use any paid or free control panel for your server. Still you have to do somethings with commands.

Here is the list of the good Hosting Panels (Free and paid):

  • cPanel (paid)
  • Plesk (Paid)
  • Vesta (Free)
  • Sentora (Free)
  • Centos Webpanel (Free)

After installing any of the control panels on your server, you can make your site without messing up with the commands. Be sure that you have a clean server without any type of installations done on it. Because all of these Control panels need the clean server to install.


Conclusion: Hey, I think now you know how to connect with the server if you don’t have any idea about your VPS. This is how you can use your VPS. This is just to inform you how to get started with VPS. If you have any question related to this, you can comment it down so that I can solve it for you. Share this with your friends to help us spread the word.