Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

A Quick Guide on The Things That You Can Do With PDF Bear

There are many online tools that you can access easily, but it’s rare to find a tool that can quickly help you manage your PDFs. There’s no need to use expensive tools because PDF Bear can help you with everything. Users can access PDF Bear even with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Anyone can use PDF Bear with zero cost, and you only need to have a decent internet connection to use its tools. PDF Bear is a recommended tool because it is secure, reliable, fast, and easy to operate. You can do many things with your PDF files with the help of PDF Bear. So here’s a quick guide on the things that you can do with PDF Bear.

Converting Your HTML File to a PDF

There might be times that it’s difficult to show everyone your HTML file or even save it. But you don’t have to worry anymore because PDF Bear can help you with that problem. With the help of its tool, the users will only paste their HTML or URL, and in a matter of seconds, it will be converted easily.

PDF Bear

PDF Bear’s conversion tool is capable of providing its users the fastest method in converting their files, not more than a minute. Besides being a helpful tool in converting your HTML file, the format and quality remain after being turned. So here’s how to change HTML to PDF:

  1. Put your URL or select your HTML file.
  2. The converter of PDF Bear will convert the HTML data to a PDF.
  3. Sit and let the procedure to finish.
  4. After the three steps, the PDF file is ready to share or download.

PDF to Word

If you want to convert your PDF file to a Word, Solid Documents is partnering with PDF Bear to offer its users the best tool for converting a PDF to a Word. Users only have to do the “Drag & Drop” method and let the converter perform the rest.

PDF Bear

You don’t have to find the solution for your problems because with PDF Bear’s DOCX from PDF conversion tool; you can achieve that without bumping into difficulties. It’s a complicated technology to perfect, and not every online service can support this. However, PDF Bear made it achievable to convert any PDFs to Documents. With a natural process, your PDFs will be converted to a DOCX file in no time. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Perform the “Drag and Drop” method or tap “Select files” in the converter.
  2. PDF Bear’s converter will start to extract the scanned text or pages from the PDF file.
  3. The process will start, wait for it.
  4. You can now modify and download the new Word document.

PDF to Excel

The conversion process will depend on the file size and the server’s workload, but even if your data is big, PDF Bear will still deliver and perform the process in a short period.

PDF Bear

If you want an efficient method to extract your files to Excel from a PDF, we recommend that you start using PDF Bear’s conversion tool. It can provide a safe and secure way to convert your files without risking its quality. All of PDF Bear’s services are accessible and handy, use them now! With that, here’s how to perform a PDF to Excel:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you want to convert using PDF Bear’s tool.
  2. In a short period, PDF Bear will start converting your data to Excel.
  3. After the first two steps, the Excel Spreadsheet is ready to share and download.
  4. When the process is finished, the system will delete your file after one hour.


Aside from the list, there are more things that you can do using PDF Bear. This tool proves to be reliable to anyone who wants to manage and organize their PDFs. Even though it’s a helpful and free to access tool, it won’t risk the files that you will upload to their server because they will make it safe and secure. PDF Bear’s server will immediately delete your data after an hour, and that’s a reliable method for anyone.