Monday, 27 May 2024

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers You Must Own

When it comes to listening to music stored in digital devices, nothing can match the remotely controlled Bluetooth speakers. One can keep the playing devices at one place and listen through the Bluetooth speakers and enjoy some of the fantastic moments. Find the list of 5 best Bluetooth speakers currently available on sale at Myntra that one cannot avoid. Get the best of the hearing experiences using any of them and feel the difference.


JBL -Extreme Red Bluetooth Speakers

JBL is considered as the best sound system makers, and everyone enjoy their system. The Extreme red Bluetooth speakers by JBL have features like the bass radiator, Easy Bluetooth connectivity and Voice assistant integration. With 15 watt sound output, it can be continuously played for 12 hours with a single charge. The battery has a capacity of 10000 mAH and is of Lithium-ion type. It has a unique design, and the body material is strong enough to withstand any rough handling. The speakers get fully charged within 3.5 hours, and the manufacturer provides a charger for the same. It is time to enjoy music with this Bluetooth speaker.

SoundBot-Black Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Quadio Satellite Technology SB571PRO

It is a high performing Bluetooth speaker and loved by the connoisseurs of sound. With tilted angle orientation and enhanced audio tuning, listen to your favorite tracks without any disturbances. The two 5 watt speakers provide HD sounds, and one can distinguish every sound with full clarity. It can play for 15 hours on a single charge and has options to connect to devices that do not work on Bluetooth. Enjoy the thrilling and mind-blowing experience listening through this Bluetooth speaker.

Marshall-Unisex Black Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that will work like a beast indoors as well as during the garden party, then this should be your choice. The speakers are of 36 watts and work on 5.0 aptX Bluetooth technologies keeping the digital player even 30 feet away. The battery in the speakers takes only 2.5 hours to get fully charged and can play for 6 hours in full volume. Although the price is on the higher side, it is indeed a sound system to enjoy music wherever you are.

Boat-Blue & Black Rugby Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Get this Bluetooth speaker from Myntra sale today, if your budget is in the midrange. One will be more than satisfied hearing the favorite songs and tracks in this ball-shaped rugby speaker. It comes with a microphone and can be used as a complete audio system. The speaker capacity is of 10 watts and can work for 8 hours with a single full charge. Enjoy your musical moments using this water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker.

BLAUPUNKT-Blaupunkt Black Portable Bluetooth Speaker BT-52

With multiple connectivity system, this speaker is one of the favorites for many. It has a memory card slot so that one can insert the memory card and play music. The wireless range is of 10 meters and has two passive radiators for giving the extra bass. It takes 4 hours to get fully charged and can play continuously for 6 hours in full volume.

It is time to use any of the above Bluetooth speakers purchased through Myntra sale and enjoy some of the most beautiful moments of life listening to your favorite music. Choose any one of them as per budget and be thrilled to listen to your favorite tracks.