EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free review

Accidental deletion of data has almost become a normal process now because whenever we are in a hurry to delete something, by mistake we have deleted something else. It is a common mistake that everyone commits at one point or the other and then we repent our act. Now, there are several software are found online that you can make use of, to recover your lost data, but you cannot be sure about the quality and how effective they will be. EaseUS data recovery software has been there in the market for a long time now and they are reaching out to the maximum number of people through satisfied customer references. Word of mouth is the biggest thing and users who have been using EaseUS are highly satisfied with the way even the free version works. You can download data recovery software of EaseUS online and get started with the process of recovering lost data.


The reason of deletion can be many

The reasons for deletion of data can be innumerous, but the two main reasons are –

  • Accidental deletion
  • Software issue

One thing that you must remember all throughout is that once you have deleted any information by mistake you must stop using that drive completely. If you keep on working on that drive, then you are actually rewriting the drive and the chances of getting back your information reduces remarkably. So, it is important that you act fast. You can accidentally delete the data, remove it from recycle bin and also format the drive, but the data will be recovered as long as you do not overwrite the drive. This is only possible through data recovery software, but before selecting the right one, you must do your research well and go through the user’s review as well to get a clear picture of the performance of the software.

How do I use the software?

Wondering, how to use the hard drive data recovery, then fret not, because EaseUS is considered as one of the most easy to use software. You can actually recover all your lost data in three easy steps that is the launching the program, scanning the device, preview and finally recovering the data. The software allows you to recover lost data from a laptop, PC, digital device, storage media and server, so it doesn’t matter the deletion of data has happened where because you can now retrieve data from any device. Another important thing is that, if you are in a hurry, then you can pause the scan and resume it later. You can also save the scan report, so that in future you can save the scanning time. The preview button enables you to have a look at what is there before you finally retrieve them. There are several unwanted things that you have deleted earlier, so you definitely do not want them back. With the help of preview option you will be able to have a look at what you want and what are the things that you can do without.


Web Hosting: Tools to Make Life Easier

Web Hosting: Tools to Make Life Easier

While all web hosting providers are different, there are some tools that you can typically expect to get when you sign up for their services. These tools are simply there to make life easier for you. In the past, you had to get all of the tools and software programs that you needed on your own, and the hosts just rented out the server space that you would use for the site. You can definitely still take this approach if you know what programs you want to use, but you are not forced to with modern companies, which provide many of the programs so that you do not have to buy them. The following are a few examples, but you should know that there are many other useful tools on top of these.


Web Design Programs

The most powerful tool for someone who is working on their first site is the web design program. This is a system that allows you to create a new site without knowing how to write a single line of HTML code. You can change the setup, choose a template, pick out your colors, and upload things like text, videos and photos. While this does limit your freedom a bit – there are not endless choices for templates – it can also lead you to a site that looks more professional than anything you would make on your own.

FTP Programs

An FTP allows you to upload your own files onto the hosting server. If you want to build all of the pages online, you may not have to use this, but most people prefer to build the sites on their computers and then upload them when they are done. If you download an FTP on your own, you then have to link it to the right host server, and you have to learn how to use it, which can simply be a waste of time, especially if things get confusing for you. A program that is offered by the host often lets you simply drag and drop your files, making it incredible easy to use.

FAQ Directories

While an FAQ is not technically a tool that you can use to built the site, you may find that it is the most useful thing that a web host provider offers you. They know that you have a lot of questions, which can all be answered quickly and effectively.

online business

Starting your online business on the right foot

In order to have a real chance at longevity in the online business marketplace, you must begin the process of marketing your website correctly from the very beginning. There is simply no room for mistakes in an already overcrowded online marketplace that only has a few slots available for businesses in each industry to make any kind of money or have any kind of visibility on the major search engines. Do not become one of the businesses that are tossed away to the junkyard of the Internet, build a custom website that your customers as well as the major search engines can learn to trust.

online business

First of all, the major search engines are in control of 95% of visibility on the Internet. If you do not have a website that shows up within the first few pages of the output for particular keyword, then your website is as good as dead. This is especially true if you are a new business that does not have a reputation that it can fall back on.

In order to show up consistently on the major search engines, you will need to enlist the services of a reputable website content company such as Not only will you be able to create a website that looks good to the human eye, but you will also be able to create a website that indexes well on the major search engines. This will create a positive whirlpool of new visibility that certainly has the potential to turn into a consistent revenue stream if your product or service is up to par.

The other reason to outsource certain aspects of your online marketing to a company that knows what it is doing is because the rules of online marketing change so quickly. If you are dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis, you simply do not have the time of the manpower to monitor your search engine listing and wonder why it has dropped today as opposed to last week. You need a company that is watching your back 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is the only way that you can hope to keep up with competition and the constantly changing rules of the online marketplace.

Top 5 iPhone Poker Apps

Be it during the transit or just sitting somewhere whiling away time, when you have your mobile phone with you, there are enormous opportunities for you to spend that time. Playing games on your mobile phone has been and is an awesome pass time since long times. The development of smartphone market has further made this experience more pleasant.

The mobile app market is always taking efforts to keep the poker lovers and poker purists by developing apps for them which can be played on the go.

Amongst this flood of poker apps, some of the good poker apps for the iPhone are going to be taken under consideration here.

Appeak poker

This app which was originally developed for android smart phones is now available for iPhone too. The app does not provide you with high end graphics and more of the aesthetics, but owing to this simplicity, the app is extremely fast. All you need to do to play is open the app and there are two cards waiting for your next move. The game is developed keeping in mind beginner players so the game takes you right from the low level and coaches you to excel in the game.

Fresh deck poker

This app is an amazing online poker app. The app is extremely widespread amongst the iPhone community. Owing to this fact, you will get a lot of users to play along with when you go online. The app has great graphics and concentrates upon satisfying the overall crowd than poker purists or hard core poker gamers. The app has enormous download sections which keep the game afresh and lively. The game community which is present as a facebook page can also be joined to get the constant updates of the app.

All-in poker

This app has not achieved the expected level of popularity amongst the poker gaming app community. It isn’t as fancy as the other poker apps but serves the purpose quite well. Though you wouldn’t get mesmerizing graphics within, the app provides with one such feature which other apps do not provide. The app has stacked up eight different types of poker gaming styles together. It includes both online and intuitive offline modes of game plays.

Governor of poker

This game is in existence since long times. The app is an extremely intuitive one and giving cartoon story background, makes the game more interesting. The AI of the game develops upon itself and goes on increasing the game level with increasing levels.

Real Money Poker


Real Money Poker app takes you to a yet another level of mobile poker gaming. The app let’s you play poker with the online gaming community by investing real money. All you need to do is download the game and sign up. Your mere signing up gives you 10$ in your account and this amount can then be used to play tournaments and small games to win more money. The app detects your location and takes care of your transactions through your iTunes account from within.

EaseUS todo backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review

It is always advisable to take a back up of all the data which you have on your personal computer. Though this is true and has also been taken into consideration by Microsoft and a provision to do the same has been made in the various versions of windows, somehow, the backup service which comes along with windows is not that impressive and moreover the process is a tiring one.

EaseUS todo backup

This has given rise to the development of various back up softwares in the market. One of the best free backup software is the EaseUS todo backup software. This software can be used to take the backup of almost every single setting, state, data etc. of your personal computer. The software is extremely user friendly and quite simple to operate. The well laid out buttons, icons and colorful interface are not just user friendly but also attractive. This makes the task of navigating through the various features of the software more enjoyable.

The software similar to other products from EaseUS has a wizard like operating. This further eases up the operation of the software. The software is basically used to take back up of every possible thing on your personal computer. Just like the EaseUS data recovery, you have an option of choosing your preferred type of back up. You can choose from selective file backup, partition back up and system back up. In selective back up, you can select the files which are extremely important and take their back up. Partition back up is used to take a back up of any important partition as a whole which contain important files. Though the above two backups are well effective, it is most advisable to get a complete system back up. The backup which is taken can also be chosen from two types. The low memory image back up consists of images of the screenshots of provided important files. Yet another type is the one where the software creates a special back up file which can be directly installed and read over another computer.

Another feature of the EaseUS todo back up software is the complete system back up. Here, a backup image is created of every nook and corner of the computer including the software settings of the operating system known as disk cloning. The option is so efficient that all you need to do on a formatted hard disk is run the backup file you had created and you get your personal data as well as the preferred settings of the operating system. The disk cloning option literally lifts, your memory and disk content with the operating system and place it over other hard disk when you need to format your hard disk or replace it.

Thus, with such unique feature, the EaseUS todo backup is one of the best back up software out there in the market owing to its unique features and smooth as well as user-friendly operations.

6 Up-and-Coming Tech Cities

When someone says “tech city” there are a few obvious locations that come to mind: Silicon Valley, London, Tokyo, Singapore…

But there are some lesser-known cities that are also responsible for the impressive technological developments that wehave been seeing over the last few years. These cities have an ingrained culture of tech research and development but they just don’t get the same attention as the rest.

If you’re looking to start-up something new, you might want to consider relocating…

1.       Seattle, Washington

Seattle is potentially one of the best cities in the world to be a tech start-up. Former Microsoft and Amazon employees have left the Valley to open small businesses and tech start-ups. Forbes reported that the Seattle area is a consistent performer in tech company growth, with a 45.5% increase last year.

There are a number of reasons Seattle is a toplocation to be a tech company: the costs of housing and energy are lower when compared to San Francisco; Seattle is home to a diverse economy composed of many different industries that continued to grow in the recession; and on top of that, the state offers no income tax and maximum tax incentives for high tech companies.

In the 90s almost 50,000 people moved to the city for its tech potential, meaning it’s the place to be techie.

2.       Cambridge, England

This city in the United Kingdom is renowned for its prestigious university, but often gets overlooked in favour of London and its ‘Silicon Roundabout’ reputation – a reputation that, according to the Guardian, it is undeserving of because only 10% of the companies at Silicon Roundabout are actually primarily tech.

The fact that a major research institution is based there gives Cambridge deep roots in hard tech such as biotechnology and engineering. It also provides start-up companies with a pool of budding software engineers. On the financial front, the cost of living (and therefore running a business) is significantly lower than in London, giving the city even more appeal.

The city is home to 1,535 companies and in the last 15 years, 12 tech companies in Cambridge have hit $1bn valuations.

UK plc and plastronics pioneer Plastic Logic in fact moved its operation in 2011 from Silicon Valley back to Cambridge where it started, reversing the trend of UK start-ups moving to America.

3.       Glasgow& Edinburgh, Scotland

With a population of just under 600,000, Glasgow is a relatively small city known more for whiskey and the manufacturing industry. However, the government has been funding schemes to incentivize the creation of new tech companies.

In 2013, Glasgow beat cities like London and Bristol to win a £24 million grant to make it one of the UK’s first smart cities. Traffic apps, real-time train and bus information, and other technologies will be developed that will help city services run more efficiently.

Edinburgh, like Cambridge, also has the credibility and creativity of a university, as well as the innovative program TechCube, which provides networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as office space, to promising digital companies.

4.       Tel Aviv, Israel

Israelis spends more time online per capita than any other country, and Tel Aviv is a cultural capital with a young population, creating the perfect combination for a forward-thinking community. According to Mashable, Tel Aviv is home to over 5,000 tech companies thanks to venture capital funding and the Microsoft Ventures program that mentors young start ups.

In October 2011, the UK and Israeli governments launched a partnership known as the UK-Israel Tech Hub at the British Embassy in Israel. The goal of the program is to help Israeli ideas “go global”via British partnerships, who will benefit competitively from Israel’s culture of innovation.

Companies like Codename One, a platform for creating mobile applications that are compatible across all major operating systems, are examples of the originality and advancements found in Israel. Considering the city has the highest density of start-ups in the world, we’re expecting to see a lot more from this city soon.

5.       Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is wired. Free wifi is everywhere – from restaurants to buses and probably even the toilets – and it’s no surprise. Dublin is being dubbed the Silicon Docks, with tech giants like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon and PayPal setting up European headquarters on the Emerald Isle.

Like Tel Aviv, Dublin has a young population, and it boasts a low corporate tax rate that attracts entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Paddy Cosgrave has become somewhat of a celebrity in the tech world through organizing two leading tech conferences that have attracted top investors.

The pub tradition and the welcoming culture of Dublin also make networking a breeze. Connor Murphy, co-founder of Datahug, said he ran into Dropbox’s head of business development at a pub very close to his company’s office. “Then in the door walks Paddy Cosgrave,” he says.

Dublin even has its own start-up hashtag to promote how awesome of a place it is for new business: #bestplacetostart.

6.       Bangalore, India

The ongoing joke in Bangalore is that if you knock on a door you’ll either meet a start-up or somebody planning a start-up. Bangalore is a top 20 city in the Global Start-up Ecosystem Index, making it to number 19 in 2012. The spirit is there, though according to the Start Up Genome report, India lacks the infrastructure to help start-ups flourish.

However, engineering schools in Bangalore supply talent to the IT economy, encouraging elite companies like Microsoft, HP, and Infosys to set up offices in the city. Biotechnology is another sector where Bangalore thrives.

Though the government may not be teaching students to be entrepreneurs, they are training people who can do exceptional work. With India having the second-largest population in the world, the market for technological advancement is there with a large pool of budding business owners.

About the author

Charlotte blogs about gadgets and technology, covering everything from the latest mobile advancements to display technology. When she’s not online Charlotte enjoys swimming, cycling and travelling the world.

Cloud Hosting

How to Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Provider

The cloud is a large spectrum of a variety of service and delivery models that range from in-house virtual servers to software accessed by many organizations via the internet. Cloud computing technology offers businesses numerous benefits including;

– Faster Production
– Better development of applications
– Cheaper server space
– Technical support

Cloud Hosting

Deciding to choose the right computing infrastructure as your service provider can mean the success or failure of any business. Before selecting the best cloud hosting provider that can guarantee you a long lasting solution, it is important to understand the three categories of cloud service:

a) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

It provides basic computing facilities that a consumer can apply to run software (operating systems and applications) and to store data. It allows the customer to transfer a workload to the cloud with minimal alterations. The customer is in charge of managing the OS and application while the host controls the cloud infrastructure. This cloud service allows for flexibility on the part of the customer.

b) Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Provides an environment where in the customer can use to construct and deploy cloud applications. Building applications using PaaS means that they are essentially cloud enabled and the PaaS provider provides the service upon which the applications run. The PaaS platforms are difficult to change once deployed.

c) Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Provides an application and data accessible through a network (internet) using various customers’ devices such as web browsers and mobile phones. It is an immediate working solution for a specific business problem without need for prior investment. Some risk factors associated with it include data privacy issues and loss of governance.

Cloud techieblast

Below is a crucial criterion on how to evaluate the right cloud-hosting provider.

1. Standard API

Ensure that the cloud vendor uses an API (Application Programming Interface). This allows for data transformation that connects specific software programs into the cloud. This means that the servers will be compatible with all the applications and this will reduce any risk factors as you progress.

2. Mobile architecture

Standard software packages are built simply to integrate the software with the company’s data. Cloud software on the other hand operates rather differently, the user data is separate from the applications and this allows the cloud to operate in a less resource-intensive manner. Cloud computing providers should explain how the business data is structured and whether it affects the performance.

3. Security

This is a mandatory inquiry to make to your cloud-hosting provider. This is because it is essential to know how the vendor stores and protects your data. This information will ensure that the business data remains safe. It helps to ask a few questions for example, does the vendor use multiple steps to confirm the identity of users? In addition, are the access levels granted or monitored?

4. Regulation

It is important for the vendor to understand the business regulations on data storage and business protocols. This is because the penalties for mishandling confidential information can be significant to either the vendor or the business. Ensure that the vendor meets the security, performance and service standards required as these can affect your IT productivity.

App Store vs Google Play

App Store vs Google Play: The OS Gaming War

Since Apple and Android’s respective app store launches back in 2008, a war has waged between them. The mobile gaming platform continues to grow each year, generating massive business, and both of these operating systems are keen to capture the largest percentage of market share.

App Store vs Google Play

Despite previously seeming uninterested in the world of gaming, Apple have recently taken huge strides to show just how serious they are. The iOS 7 updates not only features the Game Centre, but also allows compatible game controllers, such as the SteelSeries Stratus Wireless controller, to deliver a console-like experience when playing on apps and gaming sites such as

The App Store enjoyed its best ever year in 2013, with customers spending around $10 billion on app purchases. Around $5.1 million is generated in the digital store every day, while Google brings in just $1.1 million in comparison.

Although Google Play generates just 13% of the revenue that Apple does, Android accounts for around 75% of all app downloads. The Play Store is also growing at a faster rate than its iOS equivalent, boasting more published and updated apps every day. With over a million app titles, Google Play has a larger installed base and a much larger variety of devices than tech giants Apple do.

Possibly in response to the launch of the App Store’s Game Centre, the latest Android 4.4 operating system has its own gaming portal, Play Games. While not yet quite as established as the Game Centre, it is building steady momentum, offering players the ability to track their downloaded games, achievements and interact with other users.

Android devices also have a wide selection of gamepad accessories, giving more variety to gamers on the go. However, the latest iOS 7 updates allow third-party developers to make their controllers compatible with a wide range of app titles, meaning more gamepad devices will hit the market soon.

Both the App Store and Google Play appear to be keeping in pace with one another, meaning there is little to choose from between the two. While one attracts a larger customer base, the other is more widely accessible.

When it comes down to the crunch, it’s a decision that should rely on the future potential of each OS. Apple are venturing into TV compatible gaming, with their Apple TV device potentially featuring the App Store and an expanded range of third-party apps and games. However, those in the mobile hardware industry are hedging their bets on Android.

According to Nvidia President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, Android is the future of gaming. “We believe that Android I going to be a very important platform for gaming in the future,” he said. “Android is probably the most versatile operating system that we’ve ever known, and has the benefit of also being connected to the cloud. And so the day that you turn it on, it’s incredibly useful, with all kinds of applications already on it.”

Therefore, when making your decision consider whether, not too far down the line, you will want a range of app titles that you can play on the big screen, or a selection of games that function brilliantly from the palm of your hand.


The 10 Top Roles for professionals trained in network administration

If you are pursuing a diploma or degree in IT administration, online college classes can provide the best possible solution for professionals already employed in a career. Vista College offers Network Administration Diploma and Associate of Arts Degree programs for the busy professional.


For network administration students seeking a future in the IT sector or related field, the opportunities for future advancement are great. Here are the top ten (10) paying roles in the IT field:

1. Business Continuity Analyst

Knowledge sharing functions are the provenance of business continuity analysts. Business intelligence, information security and risk management guides organizations in network execution and recovery. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in IT computer science, information management or business is required. Annual salary index: $100,000.

2. Scientists And Researchers

Information systems (IS) scientists and researchers generally focus on business, engineering, scientific and technological solutions relevant to academic, governmental and commercial engineering research and development. Completion of a PhD substantiates the role of an IS scientist or researcher. Annual salary index: $125,000.

3. Data Modeler

Usually Master’s level in competency, data modelers apply knowledge of mathematics to information systems or computer science management settings. Annual salary index: $100,000.

4. Systems Software Engineers

Supplying the technical magic behind the managerial or analysis functions of IT administration, systems software engineers are developers, programming the multiple layers of script necessary for new SAP innovation. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. Annual salary index: $115,000.

5. Network Security Administrator

Responsible for network security features, protocol and monitoring, network security administrators are involved in every stage of installation, support and maintenance of systems and server activity. Network systems administrator typically hold a bachelor degree in IT computer science, engineering, information systems or network security administration. Annual salary index: $90,000.

6. Computer Systems Analysts

Trained in applied mathematics, computer science, information science, information systems, engineering, management information systems or business IT administration at the bachelors degree level, computer systems analysts are in high demand. More advanced analyst roles require a MBA or MS in IT administration. Annual salary index: $95,000 annually.

7. Systems Security Administrator

Systems security administration is the maximization of network systems security, and the resolution of technical issues. Due to the multi-scale demand of systems security, which involves both onsite network and cloud and IP security protocols, most systems security administrators learn on the job, or during a computer science or network administration program internship. Network systems administration roles generally require an associate degree in computer science or network security. Annual salary index: $ 85,000.

8. IT Auditor

IT auditors are responsive to investigation of inefficiencies or corruption by users. The overview of systems errors targeting processing, security and designated user access credentials is generally the role of an IT auditor. Most IT specialists in this role hold a master’s degree in a related discipline. Annual salary index: $75,000.

9. Professional Hacker

Employed to track potential vulnerabilities in network systems infrastructure, expert computer programmers otherwise known as ‘professional hackers’ apply complex software programs and hardware components to track risk and prevent attacks. A minimum of a certification credential is required, plus broad knowledge of programming languages. Annual salary index: $80,000.

10. Programmer

Since the introduction of Web-basd computing, computer programmers have seen marketability of their skills increase. Working with software engineers and systems analysts, programmers are responsible for the scripting of integration, conversion and interface of SAP. Completion of an associates or bachelor degree is required to meet qualifications for the role. Annual salary index: $90,000.

Advertising Your Business Via Facebook

How to Use Facebook for Promoting Your Business

The reigning champ of social media websites is Facebook, which is on the number one spot and is used by friends and family for connecting and sharing online. Facebook is no longer just a meeting place for friends anymore. Instead, it has grown into a platform for businesses for marketing themselves through self-promotion and interaction with customers. This social network has become a powerful marketing tool whether it is a small local business or a large corporation. It is a great venue for developing brand identity, keeping customers informed and broadening your reach. There are several ways through which Facebook can be used for marketing and promoting your business to the target market. Continue reading

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