How to Unblock Websites Using Proxy for Free

How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free?

While using a sharing network we usually find us stuck in the problem where we need to access the particular websites which are blocked by the admin of the network. We try a lot to open it but the server doesn’t allow accessing such portals, in this case we look out for some help but don’t know how to unblock these sites?? Getting blocked data or messages while accessing internet on the public computer is a very usual thing. Network administrator also blocks some sites from accessing for the safety reasons such as social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. but still we find the reason to get access them, so here we bring you a tutorial on How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free??

Every one of us have heard about proxy but a few of them only knows how it actually works, so here you will read out the method with a simple example.

How Proxy Servers Helps to Unlock Websites for Free?

Website cannot be accessed until and unless administrator of network allows you to access, or if a website is restricted by the network administrator then it cannot be accessed. Proxy server allows you to unlock such websites and access them. These servers usually fetch the data of website in its own server first and then transfer the content into your browser by after encryption. So, in this way you get the permission to access the website easily. The proxy server somehow works as the intermediate server between client and main server. So, it’s a very simple concept to understand.

But if you are thinking that this is a safe method, then you are keeping yourself in a dark light. The most important thing you need to know that accessing blocked website by using proxy servers may lead your computer in danger as it may prone to infections and viruses very easily. So, it is recommended that you use an updated and licensed antivirus software in order to keep your computer safe from any infectious attacks.

How to Unlock Websites Using Proxy for Free?

Now here we come on the point, I know this is the tutorial you are looking for. There are two ways of unblocking websites using proxy server, so check both them out:

Method 1

Open a Google page and search out for the proxy sites; you will get a long list of available sites as the result. Click on the link you find suitable and worthy (try to select top page results) and paste the URL of desired website you want to get access. Sometimes, smart administrator also blocks the proxy websites, so in such case you need to check out some other proxy websites. Try these websites:

  • RX Proxy
  • kkProxy
  • MegaProxy
  • UnblockProxy
  • 000FreeProxy
  • NewIPNow

This was the first method but it is very prone to virus attacks, that’s why people usually prefers the second method.


Download Proxy Software in your computer that will allow you to access any blocked site. By using this method you will get the direct access to the websites. The two most recommended software are:

  • UltraSurf
  • SpotFlux

So, it’s the second method which allows you to get access the blocked sites as well as ensures safety of your system.

when was the Internet created

When Was the Internet Created

As  the time is passing, new gadgets and facilities are getting introduced in the life so as to make it even more comfortable. If we talk about today’s modern life, then we just can’t hope for a happy living without Internet. This is one of the biggest inventions of all time, which has changed the lives in a big way. It does not matter whether you are student, business person or anything else, Internet is important for you, right? It is because of Internet only why the use of phones is decreasing day by day. Instant messaging applications and social networking sites have become an important part of today’s life. Here comes the article explaining When Was the Internet Created

when was the Internet created

With the passing time, world has not only become rich in technological gadgets, but also in education as well. Today’s human has deep knowledge of everything. One quite shocking this is that most of people don’t go out of their education system. They only learn the things that education system teach them. They just don’t care about thins that are ‘out of syllabus’ If you are also one of them, then the chances are quite high that you don’t know about ‘when was the Internet created’. It’s indeed a shocking point that you keep on using Internet whole day, but have not even thought about finding the answer of question ‘when was the Internet created‘.

If we talk about the history of Internet, then we’ll be short in words. It will fill up many books in telling you the complete history of Internet, which most of you would not love to read as well. Well, there is no need in knowing detailed history of Internet, but you must have the knowledge about ‘when was the Internet created‘. The next section will provide answer to ‘when was the Internet created‘ .

When Was the Internet Created ?

The engineers were working hard day in and day out to find new way of communication. The work for this started as early as 1950, which is the same era in which there was great revolution in the computers. The hard work kept going on and after many failures, the year 1969 came. In this year, Arpanet made the announcement about successful delivery of a message. This message was “Login” and was sent on October 1969. For this, Stanford and UCLA’s computers were connected with each other. The message up to the character ‘G’ was received at the receiving end. Although it was half message sent, but the concept of engineers met the success.

Another major milestone that took the courage of engineers to the extreme level, was the  Linux and FreeBSD influenced Unix. The former two are the major hosts in today’s web hosting providers.

So, year 1969 was the origin of Internet. It was the year in which Internet was created. The more inventions kept going on and Internet kept on getting revamped.

create Profile Links

How to create Profile Links ?

Internet marketers across the world know the importance of brand value. That brand value can come either by offline promoting work or online. There are various ways to get our brand up in the market. If it comes to on-line then having social media account’s and updating our progress/milestones on regular intervals will give us a place in the market.

create Profile Links

In order to get our product to the audience, we should go to the places where people are present. So, social networking websites is our target to get the most reach since large number of users are active there. The main advantage of having these links will improve our brand value and also our value in internet.

To create profile links, we need to choose top social community websites ex: Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn and so on. If we are having any product or software service websites we should mention them at our social media accounts so that users can reach out our place. We can get our profile link more reach by making guest posting about our product or ask a user to give out their feedback and leave our product link in that area. In this way we can increase our presence in internet and make a good score in terms of SEO and SERP.

We should build links but that should be to a limit since excessive link building can also be bad sometimes. But it would only happen when the link building is in done wrong way. If a person who does link-building without relevancy then the website will lose page authority  and ranking. So we should always build links in a correct manner so that we won’t fall into such areas and make our profile look bad on internet.

security camera systems

Best Security Camera Systems Available

Businesses and home owners alike have been using security cameras for years to reduce theft and to monitor their property to ensure it remains secure. With so many different types of systems on the market today, it can often be confusing for you, as the end user, to understand what you are looking for. Before looking for security camera systems in Miami, you must first get a clear understanding of how security systems work and from there determine which system will best suit your needs.

security camera systems

CCTV Camera Systems

Standing for closed-circuit television, CCTV cameras are one of the effective ways to reduce the risk of property crimes. In Miami, where there are over 22,000 property crimes committed annually, this can make a big difference in ensuring that your home or business does not become a statistic. The primary reason to have a security camera system is not actually to record anything, but rather to deter potential criminals from committing the crime in the first place.

If the worst does occur and someone does commit a property crime around your camera system, you can at least identify the person more easily. Many of the property crimes are left unsolved due to a lack of evidence, but with a security camera in your property you can avoid this issue. Best of all, most security camera systems in Miami utilize IP cameras, which mean you can monitor them from anywhere.

IP Cameras

Modern IP cameras work off a network, usually connected to a centralized system that includes the alarm, access controls, and other security features. Since it runs on the network, you do not need to worry about local storage devices. More importantly, you can always have peace of mind by checking in on the camera feed wherever you are. As long as you have network access, you can make sure that everything is good. If security is a real concern for you, this will give you the access you need to ensure that your business or home is always free from disturbance.

Security Camera Systems in Miami

If you are looking to get the best security camera systems in Miami, the Sarix TI offers the most advanced imaging technology to offer your business the best in protection. Though many home owners might not need this level of protection, those who are involved in business where valuables might be at stake need to take all necessary steps to ensure that their property is safe. This camera does that and more, offering an affordable solution that will integrate with your security system for unrivaled coverage.

Ultimately, the type of camera your system uses is not as important as the system itself. Having a company that offers an integrated system with an alarm and easy-to-use control panel should always be your number one priority. When looking for security camera systems in Miami, you should always keep this in mind, looking for a company that is really on top of its game. With will ensure consistent coverage, and the protection you need.

Facebook Ads

How to Use Facebook for Promoting Your Business

The reigning champ of social media websites is Facebook, which is on the number one spot and is used by friends and family for connecting and sharing online. Facebook is no longer just a meeting place for friends anymore. Instead, it has grown into a platform for businesses for marketing themselves through self-promotion and interaction with customers. This social network has become a powerful marketing tool whether it is a small local business or a large corporation. It is a great venue for developing brand identity, keeping customers informed and broadening your reach. There are several ways through which Facebook can be used for marketing and promoting your business to the target market.

Advertising Your Business Via FacebookFirst and foremost, a business needs to create a Facebook page, which can be made for free. With these pages, businesses are able to identify themselves. This is achieved not just by listing the products and services that are offered by the business, but also by sharing images, posts and links on a customizable page, which will eventually give a better sense of the character and personality of the business. You can easily develop your brand identify on the Facebook page and also show your human side. The number of Facebook likes of your page will indicate your popularity.

It is best to share images, videos and links that are connected to the business and should be something that your target audience will be interested in. Businesses should opt for a nice mix of educational resources, humor and posts about the business to keep the target audience enjoying. Apart from that, the social network also offers its own form of advertising to businesses. There are Facebook ads that can be seen on the side columns of the Facebook site. These classic advertisements are usually called Marketplace Ads. An image, a headline with copy and a link to a website or Facebook page makes up this app.

A business’s Facebook marketing strategy can comprise of these ads, which will drive website clicks and also increase the number of Facebook fans of the business. These ads make it possible for a business to take advance of demographic targeting such as advertising according to location, age, interests and education. Running contests and promotions on your Facebook page is also a great way to increase brand awareness and the number of fans. A third-party app may have to be used for organizing the contest and the users have to be directed to the page from there.

Facebook page owners also have the option of using Facebook Promoted Posts features where they have to pay a flat rate for ensuring that a single post will reach a particular number of users. Lucas, a marketing expert from, says “These posts are very helpful in the way that a business will know how many customers have read it. Normal posts might be missed by the users because their news feed is usually swamped with other items or they might not be online at the time the post is made”. This will promote your business directly and have an impact on your audience.


Top 7 Cache Plugins For WordPress

If we talk about the website cache and its necessity, the certain answer would be that it reduces the latency and load on the website, but in addition to that it also reduces the network traffic and bandwidth required. For a website, if we go into a bit more detail, there are the Browser cache, Proxy Cache, Object Cache and database cache that needs to be enabled. But the main problem starts from here when you are required to have a deep technical knowledge of such things and previous experience. However if you are using wordpress to publish your posts, these tedious works are automatically performed by the various plugins available for it. Here, we are going to discuss some of the top such plugins that will help you to perform the aforesaid actions.

Below are the TOP 7 cache plugins for wordpress



It is one of the most popular caching plugin for WordPress and is recommended by many leading websites and WordPress powered blogs. It claims to increase that it can load the webpage 10 times faster than in the normal condition. Further it offers many options and optimization techniques such as minimization of the original source code and the integration of the content delivery network.


It is one of the earliest plugin and goes a way back. Hence it has got an old track record. It has the feature that it does not cache the whole page rather it allows the user or the administrator of the website to select the pages and files needs to be cached. One of the cons that may be reported that despite it works well, it gets updated very less.


This caching plugin was developed by Primo Themes. Its unique selling point is its user friendliness. The interface that it provides is so easy and each of the options has been explained so clearly. These options include the ability to disable caching for the logged in users or the user who have posted a new comment so that they may see their comment right away.


As the name suggests it is the extended version of the previous Hypercache plugin. This plugin offers features such as caching of 404 error page caching, has support for mobile devices and gives many compression options.


This plugin is compatible on the 3.1 version of WordPress. It caches the SQL queries to increase the speed of the website. However it is one of the newly developed caching plugin, much track record is not available but has been reported to perform fairly well.


This plugin generates the HTML files of any website. Further the timeout settings for cached files and their auto clean-up process can be managed. It has Turkish home page. Consequently, if you do not know that language, you cannot supposedly assess its features.


cache plugins for wordpress

This plugin shows the static pages to the visitors and hence reducing the loading time of the webpage. It claims that it efficiency increases with the increase in the traffic to your website. It can also cache some of the other plugins of WordPress.

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